3 Ways to Protect Your AC Warranty & Wallet

3 Ways to Protect Your AC Warranty & Wallet

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Ed Miller on Mon, Apr 19, 2021

Summer is just around the corner. Now is the time to start thinking about whether your air conditioner is ready for the heat and humidity headed your way. If a new AC installation is in your future, or if you have a newer unit that is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, you need to be aware of your responsibilities to protect that warranty.



Every manufacturer’s warranty includes “fine print” of what actions or “inactions” could void your warranty. Accidentally voiding your warranty could mean paying out-of-pocket for expensive repairs that otherwise would have been covered.

Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning recommends three ways to protect your warranty and your wallet by not accidentally voiding your air conditioner’s warranty.

#1. Register Your Air Conditioner Right Away

After a new AC installation, you should receive a warranty registration card along with your receipt and information about your new unit. Treat this warranty registration card like it is a $100 bill. Do not lose it. It is important that you register your new air conditioner as soon as possible to activate your new warranty.

Often, HVAC equipment manufacturers require customers to register their new units within 60 to 90 days after installation. Forgetting, or even worse, not knowing you need to register your new air conditioner could void your manufacturer’s warranty from the start. So, get your AC off to a good start by immediately registering it with its manufacturer.

#2. Insist on Oem replacement parts for repairs

Most manufacturers will automatically void your air conditioner’s warranty if a non-OEM part is used to repair your unit. This is a part that is not made by the original manufacturer. Beware of HVAC contractors that try to cut their costs by using parts that are referred to as:

  • Aftermarket
  • Off-brand
  • Non-OEM

Using any part other than one that is made by the original equipment manufacturer puts your system at risk for damage. OEM parts are rigorously tested by their manufacturers. They are made to specifically function as the part they are meant to replace.

#3. don’t skip yearly professional maintenance 

Yearly professional maintenance is something that many homeowners are willing to risk skipping each year. It is a small investment when compared to replacing your air conditioner, which is what could happen if you do not have it serviced as required by your manufacturer’s warranty.

Most HVAC equipment manufacturers will not honor repairs that are caused by neglecting recommended maintenance. They often will require that your air conditioner be inspected annually by a trained professional to keep your warranty in force. This maintenance service ensures that your AC is running as it should and reduces the chance that your system will break down during the cooling season.

Don’t take a chance with your AC’s manufacturer’s warranty. In the Jacksonville area, you can rely on the experience of Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning to keep your air conditioner running great. Contact us for all your repair needs and annual maintenance to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.


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