5 Steps to Improve Your Heating System Now

5 Steps to Improve Your Heating System Now

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Ed Miller on Thu, Dec 12, 2013

Everyone wants to ensure that their Jacksonville, Florida, heating and air system is as efficient and reliable as possible. When you turn on the thermostat to take the chill out of your home in the winter, you want to know that your heating system will be up to the task. Conversely, on those hot and humid summer days, you want your air conditioner to deliver cool and comfortable air all season long.

Your Jacksonville, Florida heating and air conditioning system components are manufactured to be as efficient as possible straight from the factory. They are made to work flawlessly all year long, without any hassle or problems at all. However, once installed in your home, there are ways that you can keep your Jacksonville, Florida heating and air conditioning system running efficiently, which will both save you money on your energy bill and assure you that whenever you call for heated or cooled air, your system will not let you down.

Once A Year System Analysis

One of the most cost-effective measures to keep your Jacksonville, Florida, heating and air system in tip-top shape is to schedule an annual 25-point cleaning and troubleshooting system analysis. This inspection will make sure your system is running at peak efficiency, and it will document any issues that may be brewing.

Prevention is always the best medicine when it comes to heating and air systems. Having a clean system automatically makes it more efficient in every aspect, and knowing if there are any potential problems on the horizon gives you the opportunity to have them taken care of before the heating or cooling season has arrived.

In all cases, having a system analysis is the foremost way to prevent issues before they happen. But the best thing you’ll get when an analysis is completed is peace of mind knowing that your Jacksonville Florida, heating and air system will be ready to go when you need it most.

Change your Filters

Whether it’s your air conditioner or your forced air furnace, changing your filters keeps your heating and air system running smoothly.

Clogged filters lead to inefficiency and longer running times. Longer running times mean more energy waste and less heating or cooling efficiency. In virtually every modern heating and cooling system, air filters are designed to be changed as a do-it-yourself task. Most of them simply slide out, while a new one will slide in.

Check the filters monthly, and when they begin to become noticeably dirty, change them, usually every three months.

Turn on Fans

Floor standing fans, will make your cooling system more efficient. Blowing air across your skin will make you feel cooler, which means you won’t have to run your air conditioning system as long.

Using an overhead fan in the winter circulates all of the warmer air that pools near the ceiling, back down to floor level where you are. You won’t have to run your heating system as long to keep the temperature comfortable when using ceiling fans.

And remember, it costs less to run any fan than either your air conditioner or your forced air furnace. You’ll be saving money on your energy bill while keeping cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter, at the same time.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Unlike the older dial thermostats, a programmable thermostat lets you adjust the temperature in your home whether you are there or not.

During the working or schooling hours of your day, you don’t need the heat blasting or the air conditioner constantly running, heating or cooling your house when no one is around. You can adjust a programmable thermostat to come on only when people are at home.

A simple trick is to turn the air conditioner or the heating system on about one half hour before you or the kids get home. That way, when everyone walks in the door, the house will be heated or cooled effectively. This tactic not only makes your Jacksonville, Florida, heating and air system more efficient, it will also save you money on your next energy bill.

Keep the Area Clean

Heating and air systems need air to breathe. Changing filters is one way to accomplish this task, but also keeping the air intakes unblocked and free from debris is key.

Keep bushes, branches and shrubs from blocking the condenser fan on central air units. Keep boxes, clothing, and toys from blocking the air intake on furnaces. Radiators need to have a wide berth to distribute heat effectively, so keep the area around them free of any clutter.

All in all, just doing these five steps will make your Jacksonville, Florida, heating and air system more effective and more efficient year after year.

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