6 Common Summer HVAC Problems

6 Common Summer HVAC Problems

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Ed Miller on Mon, Aug 10, 2020



While summertime is Floridians’ favorite season, our HVAC systems don’t always agree. Constant hot weather can turn small problems into huge issues, since the system is on almost all the time. An air conditioning professional can help you fix all these anger-inducing troubles before you get too hot under the collar!

  1. Running out of refrigerant. One of the most unfortunately common HVAC problems. The fan is on, but it is only blowing hot air. You reach up to put your hand in front of the vent again and again, wondering if it’s just you. Sadly, it isn’t. Even though your air conditioner is meant to be a closed circuit, leaks can occur and allow refrigerant to escape. These leaks need fixing before more coolant can be added, and this requires a professional to do safely.
  2. Failed capacitors. If your air conditioner struggles to start then ultimately fails, it could be your capacitor. They fail most often at the peak of the heat. However, as with many HVAC problems, professional maintenance can help catch a weak capacitor before it becomes an issue.
  3. Filthy AC coils. Dirt builds up in your system just as it does in other parts of your home, causing HVAC problems at the worst times. Regular professional maintenance can keep your coils nice and clean!
  4. Dirty filter panels. The more your system runs, the more air passes through the filters. The more air passes through, the more dirt sticks in the filter, and the harder the system has to work to push air through. Lackluster AC performance may be as simple to fix as popping in a new filter.
  5. Clogged drain hoses. Your air conditioner pulls humidity from the air as it works. This condensed water heads out a drainage line to the outside. A clogged line means HVAC problems including dangerous standing water under your system. A professional can flush the line to remove any clogs.
  6. Failed motor. This one is a big one, and unfortunately, often among the most costly of HVAC problems. All the other issues listed can contribute to a motor failure in your air conditioning system, and that leads to an unfortunate repair bill. Regular maintenance is key to preventing a larger repair.

Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning Helps Stop HVAC Problems Before They Start

Whether you’ve noticed issues with your air conditioner already, or you are hoping to prevent them, Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning is here to keep your house cool all summer. Contact us today for more information!

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