7 Noises From Your HVAC System and What They Mean

7 Noises From Your HVAC System and What They Mean

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Ed Miller on Fri, Sep 25, 2020

Is the thwapping noise from your air conditioner drowning out the dialogue on your favorite show? Shouting over the bang-bang-bang noise that happens when your air conditioning turns on? Sometimes, we get used to the familiar HVAC noises we hear every day, and we forget they might mean trouble for us later down the road.

Every noise your air conditioner makes means something. While some are normal and can be ignored, others require the attention of a professional. They could signal that your system needs maintenance to avoid a serious and even dangerous issue.

HVAC Noises and What They Might Mean

Our everyday HVAC noises become part of the background of our lives. We might even forget they are happening until someone points them out. Take a moment to really listen to your air conditioner as it runs. What HVAC noises do you hear?

  • Buzzing. A buzzing noise could mean your compressor is having troubles. It might also mean your refrigerant is leaking and may cause your unit to freeze. In the best cases, it may mean a loose part is vibrating somewhere. It is worth checking out.
  • Clicking. A clicking noise from your AC unit might be the inside air handler or the compressor on the outside. A technician can tell you which it is. If it is coming from the furnace in cold weather, and the furnace has been off a while, it means your system is working! But if it continues, it might be an issue with the pilot light and it needs to be checked out by a professional.
  • Squealing or screeching. If screeching is one of your common HVAC noises, look to the fan belt in the blower. It might need replacement. It might also be a motor in need of lubrication. Call a technician to ensure this is done properly and with the correct lubricant.
  • Thwapping. An obnoxious “thwap” noise that happens over and over can indicate an object stuck in the blower’s fan blades. While it’s likely not harmful, it is annoying and can cause unnecessary wear on your system. Call a professional to help.
  • Rattling, Banging, or Clanking. While these HVAC noises might be a furnace blower assembly or the motor, they can indicate something more serious. Louder banging noises while the blower is running indicate a very serious problem. Turn off the system and call a professional right away.
  • Popping. Popping noises from your ductwork while your heater is first starting are common. They mean the cold ducts are expanding in the heat. If popping noises come from anything else, or they continue and don’t stop, you should have your system looked at.
  • Booming. In terms of HVAC noises, booming usually means your furnace is attempting to light from the electronic ignition or pilot, but is not succeeding. These failures allow gas to build up inside the combustion chamber, and when they do ignite, it’s all at once. This can become dangerous. Have your system looked at right away.

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