AC Care: Your Guide to Staying Cool for the Summer

AC Care: Your Guide to Staying Cool for the Summer

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Ed Miller on Thu, Mar 30, 2017



Though once considered a luxury, air conditioning has become so common that few could get by without it. Not only does it make the hottest summer days bearable, but effective climate control is also necessary for good health. Without it, the summer heat can exacerbate serious medical conditions, leading to disease or even death. Keeping these risks to a minimum requires ensuring that your AC system is in full working order before the hottest months begin. Thus in anticipation of the coming heat, make sure to complete the following AC checklist:

  1. Address the Air Filters

The first item on this list is to make sure your air filters are in full working order, and for good reason. The typical air filter needs to be replaced roughly once a month; failing to do so will prevent chilled air from properly circulating through your house, while also causing potential health problems. Thus before you turn the AC on, replace the filters and stockpile spare filters so that you can make more replacements as needed. Once the AC is on, check the filters periodically to see if any of them become too dirty to function; even if it hasn’t been a full month, heavy AC use could cause it to clog up more quickly.

  1. Eliminate Obstructions

Make sure that no furniture, upholstery, linens, or other obstacles are in the way of your vents. Not only do blocked air returns make it more difficult for cool air to circulate through your house, but they can also damage the AC unit itself. The unit will have to work harder to cool your house, straining it and making mechanical problems more likely. You should thus clear a broad area around each vent. Also make sure to regularly clean dirt and dust out of the vent blocks, as they can also interfere with air circulation.

  1. Deal with Drains

In addition to vents and filters, your climate control system’s drain lines can also become blocked, placing similar strain on the equipment. Drain cleaning thus plays a central role in any AC checklist. The most effective way to clean drains is to flush them out with vinegar and water. Simply pour a cup of vinegar down the drain, and then follow it with a gallon of water. The vinegar will break up any clogs, allowing the water to wash it away with ease. Because you cannot always tell by looking if a drain line is clogged, you should flush them on a regular basis to be safe.

  1. Test Tenaciously

Besides addressing the most common problems, your AC Checklist should also help you detect more acute issues that are hard to predict. By conducting regular tests of your climate control system, you can determine whether it is having service problems, allowing you to more quickly identify and address the cause. Simply raise or lower the thermostat periodically and see how long it takes for the house’s temperature to catch up. If the system struggles to meet your instructions, it is a sign that you should:

  1. Call a Professional

Although homeowners can do a lot on their own, some AC problems require professional intervention. Thus when you have a problem and can’t identify the source, or if you just haven’t had an inspection in a while, you should contact an HVAC maintenance company.

Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning is always available to fix your AC system. Our expert maintenance team has extensive experience repairing and upgrading climate control equipment throughout the Jacksonville area. our expert team can make sure that you and you’re family will be staying cool when the summer heat hits. For more information on keeping your house cool and efficient, visit our website today.



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