AC Unit Maintenance

AC Unit Maintenance

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Ed Miller on Wed, May 22, 2013


When you have an independent air conditioning unit or when it is part of a HVAC system, you need to carry out simple maintenance. This helps in prolonging the life of your expensive equipment and also in improving the efficiency of your air conditioner and heating systems. Some simple steps like cleaning the a/c unit and replacing parts like the filter regularly will help you save significantly on the energy bills.

For Independent A/C Units

First unplug the air conditioner and remove the front cover; a filter will be placed in front of the coils or it might be attached to the back of the cover; remove this filter and clean it with soap and water. If it is very dirty, use warm water. Once the filter is clean, allow it to dry completely before putting it back in; if the filter is damaged or torn, then replace it immediately. Then gently vacuum the evaporator coils and the grill; be careful because heavy air blowing might damage the delicate vanes of the evaporator. Wipe them down clean and replace.

Remove the drain tube from the air conditioner and clean it; remove any blockages and then you can use a chlorine bleach diluted solution to clean the accumulated grime and moss inside the draining tube. This will give it better drainage and also keep it clean for months to come. Other precautions for ensuring a long life for your a/c unit include protection during winters, turning it off when you go away, even for a day; and checking for any leaks in the seams around your window unit. A properly sealed air conditioner is more efficient than one with minute leaks.

For HVAC units

When you have a centralized air conditioner, cleaning it is a little more complicated. The first step in cleaning and maintaining your centralized heating and air conditioning system is to check around the unit outside for any issues. Rodents might have chewed off wiring; or rats and other tiny animals might have entered the ducts and died there; debris from falling leaves and birds might have created blockages for the air flow and supply to get affected. Clean the outside areas of the HVAC system and the surrounding areas thoroughly.

Then remove the outer cover; the HVAC system has an evaporator and condenser that are separate; the condenser emanates heat and because of that it is the part located outside. The evaporator is usually mounted in the plenum or the main duct junction, located above the furnace. This is usually in the basement or the furnace room. An HVAC system is a forced-air system and so the motor, the blower and the duct work are common to the heating, cooling and air filter systems. When your condenser is working, but you’re not getting cooled air, the problem is clearly in the vents and ducts. You have to call in the professionals to have a look.

Some simple steps like cleaning the drains, replacing the filters every three months or so, etc. can be carried out to maintain the systems. Other checks for an HVAC system include checking for oil change, any microbial contamination, excess moisture and any gas leaks. Your de-humidifier pads too need regular replacement, especially in a hot and humid place like Jacksonville, Florida. Your air ducts and vents also need regular checkups, particularly for damp and mold infestations.

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