Air Conditioning Breakdowns in the Summer Months

Air Conditioning Breakdowns in the Summer Months

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Ed Miller on Fri, May 10, 2013

During the summer, having your air conditioning break down is one of the most miserable experiences possible. Some of the breakdowns occur because of issues that you may be able to fix on your own. The thing to remember is that you should never go beyond your comfort zone when fixing HVAC equipment. The mechanical, electrical and other components in these systems sometimes require that a qualified technician takes a look at them, which can avoid making a bad situation worse, in many cases.

Screeching Noises 

Sometimes, a hard-working air conditioner will start to make a loud, screeching noise. This is usually a problem with the belt that rotates the fan on the device. If you want to take a look on your own, check the fan to make sure that the belt hasn’t slipped off and check the bearings to see if they need lubrication.

Leaking Water

Leaking water is common with air conditioners. When this happens inside the home it can make the device unusable. Checking out this problem is not terribly difficult and, while you might not be able to replace any parts that have worn out, you can do some troubleshooting. Look at the drain and make sure that it has not clogged up. If this is the case, removing the clog might just take care of the problem right away. You can also check to make sure that the condensation pan isn’t rusted.

The Grills 

The grills on your air conditioner can become blocked and, while you’re air conditioner may be functioning, you may not be getting optimal performance from it. Before you do anything in regards to cleaning these up, make sure you’ve disconnected all the power to the device. Youcan take apart the device and clean off any dust and debris. Remember to keep track of how you disassembled the device so that you can put it back together properly. You also need to watch out when you’re removing parts of the air conditioner, as some parts may be wired to the internal mechanical components and you could damage those components if you’re not careful while disassembling the device.


The coils on air conditioners can freeze, even in hot Florida weather. Taking care of this issue is a bit more technical, so you may want to have a professional repair the device if you find that it’s freezing up.

Maintenance and AC Emergencies

Keeping air conditioning units maintained can help to eliminate many of these issues. Sometimes, these issues arise because AC systems aren’t cleaned and checked before the cooling season, leading to problems with obstructions and so forth. If you cannot fix the unit yourself and need professional AC repair, Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning can service any system in northeast Florida. Snyder also offers services that may help you to avoid these problems altogether and that’s always the best option.

Setting up a maintenance schedule for your AC unit is the best way to avoid problems. It also helps you to avoid having to deal with an overheated house while you’re waiting for the problems to be repaired. If your system is very old, having a new AC system installation performed by professionals may be better than trying to keep an old system limping along. While you can fix some issues yourself, not having AC systems professional services for a long time can result in damage that cannot really be fixed. Consider Snyder to be your Jacksonville, FL contractor for any AC issues you may have. Whether it’s an emergency or preemptive maintenance, we can help keep your AC in good order.




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