FAQ: Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

FAQ: Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

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Ed Miller on Thu, Aug 08, 2013

There are many questions that homeowners have about AC in Jacksonville. Choosing to install a new AC system is a big decision. Homeowners are right to seek out as much information as they can find. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about AC installation in Jacksonville and their answers:

Q: Why is it so important to install a matched system?
A: There are many reasons why it is important to install a matched system. The most important is that it offers added comfort. The matched system makes it possible for each component to perform at optimized performance. This means that it will control the humidity, maintain the proper cycling times and minimize the sounds it produces. Matched systems are far more efficient than their alternatives. A common mistake is to buy a system that is too big for the property being cooled. This leads to higher bills. A professional trained in AC installation in Jacksonville can perform an accurate load calculation that will make it possible to install the right matched system for the dwelling.

Q: How long does the typical furnace or air conditioner keep working efficiently?A: The average air conditioner or furnace unit can last up to 20 years. However, it can be smart to replace the system before it completely gives out. Newer systems tend to perform more efficiently. More efficient units use less energy. Less energy costs less money. Performing regular maintenance and making sure that the system has been properly installed are two important things that homeowners can do to extend the lives of their air conditioners.



Q: What is ductwork?

A: Ductwork is one of the most important components for putting in a new system. It has two major parts. These are the return and the supply. The supply duct connects with the systems outflow. This enables the delivery of air to every one of the home’s zones. The supply ductwork’s size is very important. It actually determines how much air reaches each individual zone. A Jacksonville expert in AC installation can figure out what size supply duct should be installed in the home. The second part of the ductwork is called a return duct. This duct should be attached to the systems inlet. Its job is to draw the air out from the space that is being cooled. This duct also connects to the filter, which needs to be positioned as close to the air handler as it can get. Ductwork is made from flexible duct, ductboard and metal. It needs to be sized properly so that it evenly distributes the right amount of temperate air to every room.

Q: Will installing a new air conditioner or furnace reduce the homeowner bills?

A: A new air conditioning unit or furnace has the possibility of lowering energy bills by up to 50 percent. Any new technology is sure to make a dent in energy bills. The actual amount by which they are reduced is determined by which technology is installed. Since gas prices are still rising, it is smart to do something to keep them under control.

Q: How is the proper size of the air conditioner or furnace determined?

A: The AC technician measures the size of the home to calculate the necessary load for the cooling and heating. This calculation takes into account the direction and size of each window, the appliances, the insulation, the floor, the ceiling, the walls and other factors. Once this calculation has been completed, the proper equipment can be sized. It will also be adjusted according to the existing technology in the dwelling and the lifestyle of its occupants.

Q: Some rooms are hotter or cooler than others. Is this fixable?

A: This can be fixed. Airflow issues can be caused by various things. Common causes are coils, filters or blowers that have not been properly cleaned. Design issues in the ductwork also cause airflow problems. Professionals can troubleshoot these design issues. They may require air balancing or duct replacement, for example. Ductwork can also come loose. It can be attached easily with a minor repair.

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