Help Your Allergies with HVAC Service

Help Your Allergies with HVAC Service

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Ed Miller on Thu, Nov 19, 2015

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Florida may escape some of the harshest winter weather conditions found in other parts of the country, like snow and ice, but that doesn’t mean that the climate never wreaks havoc. Autumn marks the later part of the tropical season in northeast Florida, and for many people, the tropical season equals allergy symptoms. Here are some ways that you can look to your HVAC system to offer some relief from your allergies.

Keep Indoor Humidity Low

It may seem that when the weather starts to cool down after the long Florida summer, it’s a great idea to open the windows and turn down the air conditioning. But during the humid tropical season, opening windows or setting the indoor temperature too warm will cause allergy-producing factors to grow. To keep allergies at a minimum, keep the AC running and the indoor temperature set between 70 and 75 degrees F, with the relative humidity at or below 50 percent. Running the AC will improve your indoor air circulation as well as making the temperature more comfortable.

Symptoms of Indoor Allergies

You may have felt like you’re coming down with a cold. You may have sinus congestion, headaches, or just feel more tired and rundown. If your symptoms last more than a couple weeks, it’s more likely that what you have is allergies related to the tropical season. Your HVAC system may be one way to battle the discomfort.

Other Sources of Indoor Allergens

While your HVAC system is the first and best line of defense in defeating indoor allergies, it isn’t the only action you can take. Your HVAC system works well to remove allergens from the air. But allergens can also become trapped in carpets, furniture, bedding and pillows. Reduce the number of allergens present throughout the rest of your home by attacking them at the source.

Wash bedding and pillows in hot water to kill some of the allergens. Put a plastic, allergy-proof cover on your mattresses to keep out dust mites. Regularly vacuum your carpets and rugs with a vacuum that uses a HEPA filter, or switch to tile, hardwood or laminate flooring. Most importantly, this is a case where general tidiness makes a big difference. Put out roach traps throughout your home and garage to keep pests at bay, and be sure to keep clutter to a minimum.

Get Maintenance Checkups of Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is easy to take for granted, but its responsibility for heating and cooling your home makes it one of your home’s most important features. Regular maintenance is important to make sure it is running properly and keeping your indoor air safe and clean. In addition to getting it serviced at least once or twice a year, make sure you also regularly change out your furnace filters and rinse out dirt and debris from air conditioning units outdoors. If you’re having any major issues, or just need the expertise of qualified professionals, contact Snyder. We have the experience necessary to make sure you and your family stay comfortable this season.

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