How Do Pets Affect Indoor Air Quality?

How Do Pets Affect Indoor Air Quality?

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Ed Miller on Mon, Jan 20, 2020



For many of us, pets are more than tail-wagging door greeters or purring lap heaters. They are cherished members of our families.

They are also hair and dander machines. Pet owners wage a constant battle against blizzards of shed fur, dirt, and all the other airborne debris pets bring with them. These can create allergy flare-ups in both pets and their humans and guests. Win the war against the allergens your fur babies track with these easy steps!

Air Quality Steps You Can Take Yourself

Most people know they should change the filter in their heating and air conditioning unit regularly for optimal airflow and energy savings.

This simple action will also help you keep the allergens your pets generate under control. Change your filter when it becomes dirty. Never go longer than three months between changes.

A good cleaning routine can also help you keep on top of the air quality in your home. Vacuum your floors regularly, as well as any furniture your pets enjoy sleeping on. Sweep and mop to keep particulate matter on floors under control. Dust furniture often to prevent a buildup of allergens. Don’t forget to wash your dog and cat beds, too!

Cat owners can consider a swap to low-particulate cat litter to prevent clay dust or other substances from dirtying the air.

Engaging the Experts for Better Air Quality

Keeping pets in your home means the occasional extra step for truly clean air. Call in the experts for regular duct cleanings. Dirty ducts can enable allergens to circulate throughout your home. Professionally cleaned ducts can help to eliminate the worst allergens before they can spread to the whole house.

If your heating and cooling system is more than ten years old, you may need to consider replacing it with a new one. A new unit not only runs more efficiently, they are also better at keeping the air in your house clean and filtered. Your HVAC professional will have recommendations for the best system to suit the needs of pet owners, especially those with long-haired breeds.

Achieve Cleaner Air with Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning

At Snyder, we know how important your furry friends are. We also understand the challenge of keeping pet hair, dander, and dirt in check. Contact us today for more information on how we can help improve the air quality in your home!


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