How to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Combat Allergies

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Combat Allergies

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Ed Miller on Thu, Mar 18, 2021


If you’re sensitive to allergens like pollen, pet dander, and dust, this may be a particularly difficult time for you. It’s more important than ever to do everything we can to maintain our respiratory health. Luckily HVAC systems help you maintain good air quality in your home. Read on for some ideas on how to improve the air quality in your home!

The Main Culprits of Dirty Air Inside the Home

Everyone has their own specific pollutants that bother them. However, there are common threads in what might set off the itchy, sneezy, sniffly bouts of allergy systems for people with sensitivities. Even those who aren’t extra sensitive can feel the effects of too many irritants in the air.

The most common pollutants are dust, mold, pet dander, and pollen. Any of these can irritate your skin or respiratory tract to create unpleasant symptoms. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much work to reduce the presence of these airborne allergens.

Easy Steps for Getting Rid of Allergens

Cleaner air for everyone in your home is just a few simple steps away!

  • Don’t be tempted by beautiful weather during peak pollen season. Keep your windows closed and let your air conditioner do its job. HVAC units clean the air as they heat and cool!
  • Vacuum your home at least once a week. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to trap small particles and allergens in the machine. If you have carpet, consider doing a carpet shampoo often (but make sure to let it dry thoroughly to avoid mold or mildew). If you have area rugs or mats in your home, wash them frequently.
  • Clean your draperies, blinds, shutters, and other window treatments. A surprising amount of dust can accumulate on these surfaces. If you can, wash them in the washing machine or wipe them down to remove debris.
  • Dust all surfaces of your home, including ceiling fan blades, lampshades, and built-in shelves. Don’t forget to vacuum after you do!
  • Choose home décor that reduces allergens. Pick furnishings that are easy to clean, and avoid upholstery when you can. If possible, choose hardwood or tile floors with easy-to-clean rugs over carpet. Carpeting is a huge allergen trap.
  • Ensure your HVAC filter has a good filtration rating. However, ensure your air conditioning or heater can handle that filter’s rating. If you have questions about if your unit can handle a certain filter, contact a professional for more information.
  • Make sure to change your filter regularly: every one to three months as recommended per the instructions and recommended for your household (if you have pets you may have to change it more frequently).
  • Get regular duct cleanings. Lots of allergens and dust can get trapped in ducts. If they aren’t cleaned regularly, those irritants can aggravate your allergies.

Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning Is in the Business of Clean Air

If you have questions about how well your HVAC unit is cleaning the air in your home, whether it can handle certain filters, or would like to learn more about systems that can keep your home air cleaner, contact Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re here to help you breathe easier!


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