How to Prepare Your HVAC Before Vacation

How to Prepare Your HVAC Before Vacation

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Ed Miller on Fri, Feb 10, 2017

Whether you’re headed out of town for a springtime adventure or you’re making your way to an exciting Mardi Gras celebration, vacations mean a lot of preparation for your home. As you’re making your place secure for your absence, you consider timers for lights and locks for windows, but you may not think of your HVAC system. Yet it is important to prepare your heating and cooling systems for the times when you are away.

A handful of simple tasks can prevent inconvenient HVAC troubles that will make for an unpleasant homecoming. Next time you’re getting ready to take a journey away from home, check off these items from your list of home preparation duties!

  1. Consult the weather forecast and prepare your HVAC unit accordingly.

Jacksonville weather is often beautiful, but storms blow their way through the area often enough to cause concern. If your local weather forecast indicates storms, high winds, or other inclement weather, make certain the area around any outside heating and cooling elements is free of debris. Also, trim any bushes or trees that might damage the unit and high winds.

  1. Verify your HVAC unit’s surge protector.

As an electrical appliance, your HVAC unit is vulnerable to surges in electricity, especially in the event of lightning storms. Plug your heating or cooling units into a reliable surge protector rated for the proper voltage. Before you leave on vacation, ensure the surge protector is in good condition and any protective fault circuits on it remain untripped.

  1. Check your air filter and consider a replacement.

Most experts recommend that you replace the air filter in your HVAC unit every one to three months. Vacation preparations are a good time to make that replacement. You will return home to cleaner air, as well as reducing the risk of expensive repairs or unfortunate debris buildup. You’ll also help your heating and cooling unit run more efficiently in your absence, which will save you money better spent on souvenirs of your trip.

  1. Set your thermostat with your absence in mind.

While you are at home, you want to keep the temperature of your home at a comfortable level. Don’t forget to adjust this temperature before you leave, however. You can save both money and resources by raising your thermostat so your heating and cooling units don’t work so hard to maintain an empty house.

  1. Schedule routine maintenance for your HVAC unit before you leave.

There’s no better way to prepare your heating and cooling system for an extended absence than to have a professional to examine it for issues and leave it in the best condition possible. By scheduling a service appointment for your system, you will have greater peace of mind while you are away. It’s always nice to have one less thing to worry about when you are far away from home!

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