How to Select the Right Heating and Air Technician

How to Select the Right Heating and Air Technician

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Ed Miller on Wed, May 11, 2011

In some industries it can be very difficult finding someone you trust to tell you the truth about what it is that is causing you problems. Heating and air conditioning repair and services can be one of those industries. A heating/air conditioning unit isn’t an inexpensive appliance, so trusting someone to tell you what could be going wrong can be a difficult task.  If you haven’t yet found a trusted heating and air technician, ask around. Word of mouth can be the best way to find a trusted and reputable heating and air company. Your good friends or family wouldn’t refer you to a company that they wouldn’t or haven’t used for themselves. If you aren’t able to find a company that your friends and family speak highly of, then it’s time to start looking on your own.

First, educate yourself a little bit about the mechanics of air conditioning/heating units as much as possible. Reading internet blogs or personal experiences from people with air or heating issues can help as well. Before calling any company, check their website first to see how long they have been in business and check if there are any reviews or testimonials on their site or review sites.  Be sure to also check that all of the air conditioning and heating technicians at their company are both licensed and insured.  Trusted companies should always be able to give you a free estimate of what the cost is going to look like, but be sure that it’s not over the phone and that they have taken the time to visit your home and inspect  the heating and air conditioning unit themselves.  Look for a company that is dependable, honest, prompt, courteous, and professional.



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