Humidity Control and Your HVAC System

Humidity Control and Your HVAC System

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Jacksonville is not known for its dry, arid climate – quite the opposite, in fact. Our proximity to the water and our frequent storms bring us high humidity year-round. The humidity can really be a drag in the summer when the high moisture levels leave us feeling sticky, hot, and a little frustrated with the sunny season.

Humidity control is one of the advantages of central air conditioning. If you’re having trouble with humidity in your house, read on to see how you can improve your system’s functionality.

How Your HVAC System Controls Humidity

Humidity control as it pertains to your home HVAC system relies on a very simple principle: cooler air cannot hold as much moisture as warmer air. By cooling your home through an air conditioner, you remove the potential for moisture in the air that circulates around the house.

All air conditioners have some capacity to remove humidity from the air. Smaller units do so with less efficiency than larger units, though it may surprise you to learn that larger units do not necessarily offer the best humidity control for your home. In these situations, it is not the size that matters, but how the air conditioner functions that provides the best outcome.

Drafting Variable-Speed Fans Onto Your HVAC Team

If cooler air holds less moisture, your first instinct might be to install the biggest air conditioner you can order. This will offer fewer benefits than you would expect. While larger central units do provide greater humidity control, they only do so when they are running.

An oversized air conditioner will need to turn on less frequently than a smaller unit. This allows moisture to creep back into the air and linger. The better option is a correctly sized unit with a variable-speed fan.

A variable-speed fan allows your air conditioner to run continually. When the air is cool, it slows down to a lower, power-saving speed, and only kicks up to a higher rate when it needs more energy to bring the temperature lower. This allows a constant source of humidity control, as well as more consistent cool temperatures for you to enjoy.

Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning Knows How to Find Your Chill

Is summer humidity getting you down? Let Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning help you find your chill again! Call us in to evaluate your current air conditioning situation so we can advise you on how best to bring that humidity back down.




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