It’s Cold Upstairs! Heating and Air tips for a Two-Story Home

It’s Cold Upstairs! Heating and Air tips for a Two-Story Home

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Ed Miller on Mon, Dec 23, 2013



One of the biggest challenges that you will face during the winter months is simply how to stay warm. Everyone deals with cold weather in different ways. However, the goal of staying warm is probably one of your main objectives. Of course, when going outside, you most likely prepare yourself for the cold weather by wearing clothes and shoes that are appropriate for the specific weather conditions such as snow, rain, ice, wind, or freezing temperatures.

However, do you prepare your home for cold winter weather? If you are like most people, the answer is no. In many homes, the battle to stay warm inside the home is sometimes harder than staying warm while venturing outside the home during winter months. The reason is because many homes are not properly prepared for the cold weather that the winter season can bring. In addition, regarding staying warm inside the home during winter months, probably the most challenging situation is keeping a two-story home warm, especially the upstairs area.

Moreover, there are a variety of reasons why keeping the upstairs warm in a two-story home is difficult, but there are five proven tips that you can use to keep the upstairs warm in a two-story home, which are:

  1. Maintain proper insulation for the home.
  2. Air seal the home.
  3. Adjust the thermostat.
  4. Open the blinds on the sunny side of the home.
  5. Make sure that vents are open and not blocked.

Maintain Proper Insulation For The Home

Insulation is one of the most important things you can do to keep your home warm. For two-story homes, this is very important for keeping the upstairs area warm because upstairs is the area that suffers most concerning a poorly or improperly insulated home. In addition, regarding insulation, the type of insulation and the level of insulation should be sufficient for your geographical location. If you live in Florida, heating and AC Jacksonville is an excellent way to check your home for proper insulation type and levels.

Air Seal The Home

During the winter season, many homes have cold air that comes through various areas in the home, such as windows and doors. The cold air usually comes through areas such as windows and doors because the areas are not sealed sufficiently. Therefore, all windows and doors, along with any other areas that have cold air coming through, should be air sealed. This action will prevent the cold air from coming inside the home and make it easier for the home to stay warm. In the upstairs area of homes, air sealing vulnerable areas to prevent cold air from getting through helps tremendously in keeping the upstairs warm during winter months. If you live in the Jacksonville area, you should contact a heating and AC Jacksonville specialist, like Snyder Heating & Air, to determine whether you need to air seal your home.

Adjust The Thermostat

One of the primary reasons why the upstairs area in homes tend to be hard to keep warm is the thermostat. If the upstairs area is not warm enough, adjusting the thermostat can be very helpful. During times when people are upstairs, the thermostat can be adjusted to provide more heat and lowered during the times when people are not upstairs.

Open The Blinds On The Sunny Side Of The Home

A good way to help keep the upstairs warm in most homes is to take advantage of sunny days. When the sun is out, the blinds should be open on the side of the home where the sun is located. By opening the blinds on the sunny side of the home, the temperature will increase naturally as the sun hits the windows and comes through the open blinds to help warm the upstairs and downstairs areas.

Make Sure That Vents Are Open And Not Blocked

One of the most common mistakes that is made during the winter is leaving vents closed or blocking vents so that heat is not pushed out in specific areas. Therefore, all the vents in a home should be checked to make sure that the vents are not closed or blocked. In the Jacksonville area, heating and ac Jacksonville specialist Snyder Heating & Air provides many services for homeowners.

If you are in need of heating assistance during the winter months, take the time to visit the links provided above for information pertaining to quality services at reasonable prices. In addition, heating and AC Jacksonville is important for homeowners regarding the upkeep of heating and ac equipment along with providing a comfortable home living environment.

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