Preventive Maintenance For Winter

Preventive Maintenance For Winter

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Ed Miller on Fri, Nov 15, 2013

Just as you would ensure that the oil is changed in your car every three to five thousand miles, the preventative maintenance on your heating and cooling systems is just as important. The sludge that builds up in your vehicle’s oil will present you with problems you really do not want. Letting a professional firm who offers the air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville residents need should also be on your list because of problems that can otherwise present themselves.

There are a few things that you can check on your car to ensure it is running well. Checking the status of that oil would be one of them. Looking at the air pressure in the tires and making sure all belts are tight are a couple more.

The checking of the comfort systems in your home will have similar points to check, in that they are important for the proper operation of those systems. Since your home is a greater investment than your car, the comfort of that home should be paramount. Before you have to make an emergency call to a repair service, there are many things that you can check to ensure the stability of that system.

A List Of Steps To Take To Ensure Your Comfort Systems Are Running Smoothly

This list has been compiled in order to help you save money if there is something that you can take care of before you call a firm who does the air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville home owners do need from time to time.

  • Your thermostat. If it does not work properly, your system may not, either. Check the batteries. Make sure it is turned on and that it is set to the proper level, as in ‘heat’ or ‘cool’ and at the proper temperature. Removing the outer casing will assist in making sure there is no dust or dirt that can interfere with the proper operation.
  • Inside your home. On the cooling system, you want to pull out and check the filters. Accumulation of dust and other contaminants will not allow the proper airflow.
  • In the utility room. Check to ensure that the breaker box has not been ‘tripped’. There may also be switches to turn each unit on that are located in or near the unit itself. These can become switched off, accidentally, and you would never know it.
  • Outside the house. The presence of ice, on any component will inhibit proper operation. The system should be turned off and the ice allowed to melt before turning it back on.
  • Making sure the gas is turned on or there is plenty of oil will be a good idea, as this could easily be the cause of a system not functioning.

Checking these few items will assist you in making sure that a professional should be called, or not, and will also help that professional diagnose what is happening.

Is A Maintenance Agreement A Good Idea?

There is much to be said about having a maintenance agreement with a firm who provides the air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville homeowners depend on. This maintenance agreement will ensure that all preventative activities are performed in a timely manner. This is similar to taking your car to a trusted shop for the scheduled maintenance checks. During this check up, the professionals should perform the following preventative measures:

  • Inspect for appropriate level of refrigerant, and adjust as needed.
  • Inspect and clean the blower assemblies.
  • Inspect and clean motor and fan blades and lubricate those on older models.
  • Inspect control box and accessories, wiring, connections, which include the circuit boards, capacitors, relays and ensure they are not being subjected to unnatural wear and tear.
  • Inspections for gas leaks, as well as any oil leaks, are handled quickly.
  • Other activities as dictated by the brand, model, age and suspected problems, as well as the weather conditions since the last service call.

Between the steps you can take and the maintenance activities these professionals can accomplish, your home heating and air conditioning system can take care of the comfort of your home for the long-term. Doing your checks and calling on professionals to do theirs will ensure that you are ready when you really need the cooling or the heat. The professionals who offer the air conditioning maintenance Jacksonville homeowners appreciate can be your best defense against improperly operating equipment.


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