Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your HVAC

Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your HVAC

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Ed Miller on Thu, Feb 22, 2018



Most of us have come to rely on our HVAC systems given the temperate Jacksonville climate. Air conditioning provides you with a comfortable refuge in the heat of the summer, while your heating takes the edge off the chill on the coldest winter nights.

Replacing such a reliable appliance may not be top of mind for most until it’s too late, yet upgrading your HVAC unit can offer profound advantages both for your comfort and your wallet. Newer, modern systems provide features older models might not, as well as greater efficiency during everyday use. 

Quiet, Comfortable Climate Control

Modern air conditioning and heating systems typically include better noise and vibration absorbers designed to quiet the system. This can reduce the noise your system makes as it works.

Newer systems have been designed to efficiently cool or warm your home, as well as reducing humidity, with a greater degree of control for your comfort. They maintain a more uniform temperature throughout your home while working less, which can also mean a lower energy bill.

Palpable Energy Savings

We do not often associate an HVAC system with savings, either financial or environmental. However newer systems challenge that perception. Today’s heating and cooling solutions have been designed to provide comfort while minimizing energy costs and environmental impact.

Programmable thermostats can also save you money. These thermostats automatically regulate the temperature on a schedule. Some can even be controlled by mobile devices. The most innovative learn your patterns and adjust automatically if you choose. This means you can (depending on the season) program your thermostat to a higher or lower temperature while you are gone, so as not to waste energy when no one is home, and then have it automatically adjust to your desired temperature before your arrival.

Noticeably Clean Air

If you have an older system, you may begin to notice more dust and dirt floating around your living space than before. With age comes a lessened ability to filter out the allergens in the air. Indoor air quality can have dramatic effects on your health. Thankfully, a newer system can help improve indoor air quality and decrease air pollutants.

Call Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning About Upgrading Your HVAC System

From flexibility to increased savings, an upgraded HVAC system has a lot to offer. Contact Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more about upgrading your system today!

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