Should I Leave Doors Open or Closed During Heating and Cooling?

Should I Leave Doors Open or Closed During Heating and Cooling?

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Ed Miller on Thu, Nov 14, 2019



The quest to keep your home a comfortable, consistent temperature can really take a bite out of your monthly budget. Investing in a smart thermostat can help, as can setting it to an appropriate temperature, but many people want to do more. They look for simple tricks to bring down their energy bills with small steps they hope will have a large impact.

Many homeowners think that if one closes the doors to little-used rooms, it can help save on a home’s heating and cooling costs. If only it were so easy. Not only does this not have the desired money-saving effect, it can actually have a negative impact on air quality.

Going With the Flow

A properly tuned HVAC system is designed to create a consistent and predictable flow of air throughout your home. It utilizes the air currents to move air through the registers and vents, as well as the HVAC system’s filtration. This flow is set up with unobstructed airflow in mind.

Though every HVAC installer knows closed doors are inevitable in all homes, it is expected that airflow will remain unhindered most of the time. The flow of air throughout the house can carry the conditioned air where it should be, while the air in need of a trip through the filter and vents can be moved to the intakes.

Under Pressure

When a door is left closed, the HVAC system still expects to move air as it was tuned to. Air continues to build up in the rooms with closed doors. This creates air pressure in those areas as that pressurized air searches for a way to escape.

In a room with air pressurized this way, the system must work harder to restore the proper flow. Conditioned air will escape outdoors through whatever cracks in window trim it can find, as well as any other places it can slip through. On the other side of the equation, the return air vent will pull air into the system however it has to, even if it has to pull in air from outside.

These conditions force the system to work harder and cost you more money. Further, they create a situation in which more allergens and air pollutants are brought into your home from outside. Your air quality will decrease even as your energy bills increase.

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