Should You Worry About Your HVAC System During Hurricane Season?

Should You Worry About Your HVAC System During Hurricane Season?

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Ed Miller on Wed, Jun 10, 2020



The skies are full of sunshine and the weather is gorgeous! It’s a perfect time to sit on the deck and soak in the golden rays. Although the forecast is lovely right now, those sunny skies won’t last forever, because with summer comes hurricane season.

Powerful winds and heavy rains are not far in the future. As we prepare for the yearly storms, we check our emergency supplies, branches of the trees nearest to our homes, and our outdoor HVAC units. While most outdoor air conditioning systems are built to withstand bad weather, it’s good to understand how to best take care of them, and when to call in a professional for maintenance.

Hurricane Season and Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

The good news is, outdoor HVAC systems are built to withstand heavy inclement weather. The designers have anticipated the need to survive some extreme weather conditions, from buckets of rain pouring out of the sky to heavy winds to piles of snow and even hurricane season. Your sturdy air conditioning unit can take most of what Mother Nature throws at it!

There are some conditions that can damage it, though. While that system can withstand powerful winds, it can still become damaged by heavy debris that winds might blow against it. Falling tree branches and other weighty objects can also cause it harm. And if hurricane season floods the unit entirely, it is time to shut the unit down immediately and contact a professional for help.

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season and When to Call the Pros

The best preparations you can make for the upcoming hurricane season are steps you are (hopefully) already taking! Clear away the brush and debris from your outdoor HVAC unit. Trim back tree branches that might fall on the system or your home. Have your air conditioner professionally serviced each year. Do not cover your unit unless you’re bundling it up for the winter!

If your HVAC unit takes a beating from heavy debris during a nasty storm, you should have a technician ensure the unit remains undamaged. Should the unit become partially or fully submerged, the situation is more serious. You should:

  • Turn the HVAC unit off at your electrical panel. Do not wade into the water or go near it to unplug it!
  • Contact a licensed service technician to inspect the system before you turn it on again.
  • Units that have been fully submerged may require a full replacement.

Get Ready for Summer Storms with Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning

Whether you’re worried about how your air conditioner will do during hurricane season or you are looking to have your yearly maintenance done before the storms hit, Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning has you covered. Schedule your appointment online today!

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