Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning

Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning

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Ed Miller on Fri, Aug 12, 2011

Dirty, dusty or infested air conditioning ducts can cause a myriad of problems; from allergy concerns to inefficient cooling or heating, clogging of these ducts leads to bad things for your home, health, and wallet. There are visible signs you should be aware of to help you decide whether or not your home needs an Air duct cleaning.  If you notice one or more of these signs as listed below, please contact the professionals at Snyder Heating and Air to schedule your air duct cleaning.

1. Visible Mold Growth

Mold buildup in air conditioning ducts can lead to aggravated symptoms for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. Many people complain of uncomfortable reactions when mold begins to set in within the AC and heating system. Find an area where you can visibly assess the condition of your ducts and look for any surface mold. Afterwards, check other air conditioning components to make sure they are free of mold and other debris. Even a slight amount of mold can signal a much larger problem within your duct system.

2. Signs of Rodents or Insects

Hearing funny noises in your AC ducts? If you have a sinking feeling that rodents or insects have found their way through your duct system, it’s time to contact a professional. Rats and other small animals are sometimes able to chew through existing structures and make their way into the ventilation system. When these animals make a home in your ducts, they will leave waste and foot particles behind and, eventually, they may even die within the piping. Cleaning the duct system thoroughly and preventing similar incidents will help ensure your family is breathing the cleanest air possible.

3. Signs of Moisture

Moisture leads to mold and mold leads to everything you read under the first item on this list. When an air conditioning duct isn’t properly insulated or is kept at a moisture-inducing temperature for too long, moisture can build up in the duct system. Because of the nature of water vapor, transitions between seasons can lead to a gathering of moist air. When this air cools, it tends to leave small puddles within your air conditioning system. These moist conditions lead to the growth of mold and fungi of various types. Areas of high humidity, bathrooms and kitchens, are a great spot to inspect for signs of moisture.

4. Unexpected Increase in Monthly Utility Bill

A sudden increase in your power bill can be caused by various factors but an inefficient air conditioning and heating system is often the culprit. One of the easiest ways to track the dirt in your duct system is through your bills. Note any abnormal increases in use. Keeping your air conditioning ducts clean and free of any debris, mold or other obstructions can ensure that you have a predictable monthly power bill.

If you’re noticing any of the problems outlined above or if you are unsure of what is causing your air conditioning or heating system problems, be sure to call Snyder Heating and Air.



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