Snyder A/C: Jacksonville’s Residential Air Conditioning Experts

Snyder A/C: Jacksonville’s Residential Air Conditioning Experts

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Ed Miller on Fri, Jul 19, 2013

Forida, affectionately called The Sunshine State can leave the locals feeling that maybe there’s a little too much sun at times. This is particularly true in the summers when the temperatures soar to the 100 degrees mark, and the heat and humidity drive you crazy. When the winter’s set in and you’re shivering, you might long for the summer, but that is only till the sweltering summer sets in.


It is important to select the best suited heating, ventilation and air-conditioning unit for your home based on the number of rooms, number of people and the size of the area that needs to be cooled or heated. Your experienced HVAC systems contractor can suggest the ideal system for you, which will provide comfort for you and your family for years to come. Your HVAC system should be reliable and also needs to be installed properly to provide you the ultimate in comfort during summer or winter. You will be astonished to hear the horror stories of people who have had problems because of shoddy installations of their HVAC systems. Sometimes, the exhaust pipes go only up to the attic, instead of going all the way to the roof. What this means is that your attic becomes unbearably hot or cold and negates the cooling or heating, leading to a marked increase in your utility bills.

Snyder A/C is your trusted ac service contractor in Jacksonville, Florida. Call us to have a look at your ac unit before the temperature begins to soar. This kind of pre-summer check will help you to stay cool during the blistering Florida summer, and prevent unpleasant breakdowns. Your trusted heating, ventilation and air-conditioning unit works all through the blistering summer and the shivering winter to keep you in comfort. You have the responsibility to engage a service and maintenance contract to ensure that the HVAC unit is in top condition through the summer and the winter. Now that summer’s around the corner, everyone in Jacksonville, Florida knows that you have to get your air conditioner thoroughly checked out before it sets in and the temperature rises.

When you engage Snyder for your HVAC maintenance, our service engineers arrive at your doorstep armed with a 25 point checklist and go through them one by one. This way, you can be assured of every part of your ac unit being thoroughly checked out. All Snyder service technicians are factory-trained and certified; they are also vetted before being hired and so you need not have any qualms about letting a Snyder service engineer into your home. You can check their identification and they will arrive in uniform for easy verification.  We will call you before sending our engineers over for a maintenance and checkup; we will check with you for a convenient time and for any issues or concerns you might have regarding your HVAC unit.

We at Snyder, as your residential air conditioning experts, know the importance of staying cool in the Florida summers. We have been servicing air conditioners in Jacksonville, Florida homes for the past 40 years. As a family-owned and -operated concern we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers. For our decades of dedicated service, we are recognized as the “Trane Comfort Specialist” and “Goodman A+ Dealer.” We are hailed as one of the “Top Ten in North Florida” for our excellent service to the residents of Florida for more than 40 years. Call us today for a free estimate.


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