Staying Cool this Summer

Staying Cool this Summer

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Ed Miller on Thu, Apr 21, 2011

Florida is a great place to live but with the summer days still to come, Floridians tend to forget about the upkeep your air conditioning unit may need before summer rolls around.  A finely tuned air conditioning can keep those summer days cool, but it does require annual tune ups. Air conditioning units must be properly maintained to maximize their performance, efficiency, and life span. The experts at Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning feels it is best to tune your unit up before a new season begins. This prevents anything from breaking or slowing down during the middle of winter, or the middle of summer. For Florida, we would suggest getting a tune up in the months of May (air conditioning) and November (heating).  Having your unit checked seasonally, assures everything is running properly and can even save you money on your monthly bills.

Below are a few tips to help stay cool this summer and save money:

1. Check your air filter. By checking your air filter monthly you can minimize your monthly electric bill and increase the efficiency of the air conditioning unit.

2.  Set your thermostat to the highest setting that is comfortable for you and your family in the summer. This will maximize energy savings.

3. Add insulation around air conditioning ducts when they are located in unconditioned spaces such as attics, crawl spaces, and garages

4. Run your air conditioning when necessary. If you are going on vacation turn up the temperature up to 4 degrees.



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