Summer in Paradise

Summer in Paradise

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Ed Miller on Wed, Jul 17, 2013

Florida is everyone’s idea of a summer paradise; that is until one is actually out in the sweltering heat, getting sunburn and sweaty. The sticky heat and the unrelenting sun can begin to become too much for many, who flock to the air conditioned comfort of malls, libraries, the theatre, restaurants and the many beaches of Florida and the water-based amusement parks. There are many ways to enjoy yourself in Jacksonville, Florida with your family, while not getting out in the hot sun and getting de-hydrated or sunburned.


Here are some tips for enjoying the summer with your family:

  • Depending on your interests, choose a restaurant, theatre, arts and museum, if you want air conditioned comfort; the Ritz Theater and Museum offer unmatched comfort while you soak in culture. At an admission fee of $3 for kids and seniors and $6 for adults, you can’t ask for a better way to while away a hot Florida summer afternoon.
  • Alternately, visit an amazing beach or one of the many water-based amusement parks with water slides, coves, wave pools, and fountains and other games to keep your children cool and entertained.
  • If you’re the one who likes arts and crafts, there are plenty of those too; a visit to the Fine Arts Center can keep you entertained for almost the whole day, out of the hot sun and in air conditioned comfort, while your ac unit gets a reprieve.
  • The Jacksonville Zoo is quite famous and attracts millions of visitors annually; the children love the exotic animals, and can even help feed some of the more docile ones.  Spread over 2.5 acres, the zoo has cool refreshments available, and also other attractions like  two mazes of different levels of difficulty and rock climbing; there is also a park and a splash area, which is a great hit with kids.
  • Hanna Park, a 450-acre wooded beachfront getaway is ideal for some low-cost fun for families on a budget. It has colorful water fountains, and other fun games for tiny tots; they will be squealing with delight, while you too can have a relaxed summer day!
  • The Kids Kampus at the Jacksonville Metropolitan Park helps to make learning fun for your kids, in more ways than one; it offers interactive features in its exhibits so that young kids learn while having fun. In the summers, though it’s the two water parks that have kids in a tizzy; the parks are called ‘Three Friends’ and ‘Bayou, Bogs & Frogs’; the second one features an interactive non-sliding rug with Florida’s wetlands depicted in miniature; children up to six years of age are allowed and you can be sure they will have a blast.
  • There are many air conditioned places for family fun in Jacksonville if you want to stay indoors; modern buildings use energy-efficient Energy Star rated HVAC units to cool vast spaces in the most economic possible way.

At Snyder Air Conditioning and Heating, we know the importance of having your air conditioner at peak condition during the hot summer months in Florida. It helps not only you and your family to stay cool, but also to avoid increase in your utility bills, which is unavoidable in the summers in Florida. The best way to control your energy bill is to have a regular maintenance routine for your HVAC systems. Snyder has been a family owned and managed company, serving the residents of Jacksonville, Florida for more than 40 years. Call us today for a free inspection and a free quote.




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