Sustainability and Your HVAC System

Sustainability and Your HVAC System

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Ed Miller on Thu, Jul 09, 2020



In days past, comfort came at a steep price to both customers and the planet. Old HVAC units used a ton of energy and released harmful chemicals from refrigerants into the ozone. Thankfully, that is changing. Everyone wants to be comfortable in their home, but now, people demand this comfort not come at the cost of the environment or their energy bills.

The HVAC industry has heard these demands. This year, the hottest (or coolest) HVAC trends focus on sustainability, environmental impact, and convenience for consumers. It’s a great time to look at your own air conditioning unit to see if these sustainability practices can benefit you!

Change Air Filters Regularly 

Regularly changing your HVAC filters is a practice that is not only important for your health, but also important for the environment. Filters that aren’t changed as often as they should be cause your HVAC system to work harder than it needs to, which reduces the quality of air that you breathe and leads to wasted energy. If you change your air filter regularly, you can reduce wasted energy consumption by 5-10 percent. Remembering to change your air filter has never been easier than with FilterTime, a subscription service that delivers a box of your exact filters right to your door. Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to partner with FilterTime and offer you 10% off your first order!

Switch to a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

Connected home devices, such as smart speakers and Wi-Fi-capable appliances, have offered us unparalleled and novel convenience in how we run our homes. It is no wonder, then, that smart technology is trending in the HVAC industry as well. Smart thermostats can provide decreased energy usage, automatic adjustments designed to use the least power, and the ability to centralize your control over your climate-control systems. Not to mention, you’ll also save hundreds of dollars a year.

Keep Ducts Clean

AC duct cleaning removes the contaminants from your ducts and immediately improves indoor air quality. Regular duct cleaning also keeps your unit running as efficiently as possible, saving energy and saving money. We recommend that you have your home’s HVAC ductwork cleaned every three to five years (or more often if needed). If it has been a long time since your last AC duct cleaning, you can get back on track by scheduling service with Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning.

Maintain and Sustain

A properly maintained HVAC unit can last for years. Regularly checking up on your HVAC unit will ensure that it is not wasting energy due to malfunction or old age. It also helps diagnose problems that otherwise would have gone undetected and caused bigger issues down the road.

Update the System

The easiest way to guarantee your system is energy efficient is to install a new one. Newer systems built with efficiency in mind streamline maintenance to be both more environmentally friendly and more efficient for everyone involved. New systems also don’t use the harmful refrigerants of days past. If you have a system that is 10 years or older, it may be time to upgrade. Take Snyder’s Repair or Replace quiz to find out.

Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning is Committed to Sustainability

At Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning, we want to save you money and save the planet, too! Our experts understand the latest in HVAC sustainability practices and can help you find the ones that will work best in your home with our promise of individuality. Contact us today!




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