The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

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Ed Miller on Mon, Aug 26, 2013

The subtropical climate in Jacksonville can affect more than your energy bills. It may also have an impact on your indoor air quality. As moisture enters your home from the outside, it can enter your air ducts and contaminate the air in your home. The humid air may cause mold growth and dust accumulation in your air ducts and can lead to or exacerbate health problems for you and your family. If you or someone in your family has allergies, asthma or is experiencing other respiratory problems, or you can see or smell mold in your air ducts, you may want to consider having your air ducts cleaned.

There are several circumstances that require air ducts to be thoroughly cleaned. If you are having any of these problems, it is important to address the root cause in addition to having your air ducts cleaned so the issue does not recur.

  • Visible mold or a musty odor in the air ducts
  • Rodent or insect infestation in the air ducts or other parts of the home
  • An unusual amount of dust coming out of your registers

Other signs that may indicate your ducts are clogged and may need cleaning include:

  • Excessive dust in your home, even after you clean
  • Vents that have little or no air flow
  • An odor when you turn on your heating or cooling system
  • Respiratory symptoms after you spend a lot of time in the house or while you sleep

What is air duct cleaning?

When your air ducts are filled with dust or contaminated with mold, the air quality inside your home may be affected. A professional air duct cleaner can inspect and remove all of the foreign particles from your heating and cooling system. When you decide to have air duct cleaning in your Jacksonville FL home, your service technician will take the time to explain the process. before beginning the service.

A thorough air duct cleaning includes all components of the heating and cooling system, including the air ducts, heat exchangers, grilles and diffusers, drip pans, fan housing and motor, coils and the unit housing. The technician uses tools to dislodge dust, mold and objects that are stuck inside your air ducts. A high-powered vacuum is then used to remove the contaminants and debris from your home. Cleaning the fans, heat exchangers and coils may also improve the efficiency of your system.

Some of the components of your system, including the registers and grilles, will be removed and reset during the cleaning process. Others, such as the supply and return air plenums will be accessed and cleaned.

Why air duct cleaning is sometimes necessary

Many new Florida homes are built with high-efficiency doors and windows to keep the cool air inside the home. While these enhancements are great for keeping energy bills low, they often decrease ventilation. Contaminants that enter the home when doors or windows are opened are then trapped inside, reducing the air quality inside the home. Air duct cleaning in Jacksonville homes can remove all of the pollutants that enter from outside.

If you have allergies or other respiratory problems, air duct cleaning may help you breathe easier. Because pet hair, dust and fungus can build in your air ducts and circulate through your home, cleaning your entire system may reduce symptoms such as sneezing, itchy and watery eyes and sinus problems. With a clean air duct system, the air your family breathes will be as clean as the rest of your home.

At Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning, our main goal is to provide outstanding service to all of our clients. You can call on us any time of day or night. We are here to keep you and your family cool. Call us today to schedule an estimate for air duct cleaning.





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