Thermostats That Will Impress

Thermostats That Will Impress

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Most of us know that leaving our thermostat at the same temperature all day is NOT the most efficient way to use our central heating and air conditioning system. Depending on when you and your family are home, you can change the temperature to work for you and save on energy costs. One of the greatest ways to get the most out of your heating and air conditioning is finding a thermostat that works best for you and your lifestyle. There are a variety of thermostat options on the market today and the following options are sure to impress!

The Nest                                   

  • Features: This thermostat that is compatible with most Jacksonville, FL home has been rated as the #1 smart thermostat. It is compatible with 95% of HVAC systems. The first week it is installed, it learns the homeowner’s schedule using both motion sensors and temperatures inputted by the occupant. You can set up a Nest account and access from any smart device to make changes to the heating and cooling of your home. It provides homeowners with the temperatures they want, but does not necessarily do the best job with providing homeowners with energy efficiency.
  • Installation: DIY-friendly
  • Price: $249

Venstar Colortouch T-5800

  • Features: This is possibly one of the most visually appealing thermostats for use in Jacksonville, FL on the market, which even allows you to choose a screensaver of your choice! A wonderful feature that can save money if that you can simply run the blower fan instead of using the heat or air conditioning which can help circulate the air, keeping you more comfortable, and saving you money. For Wi-Fi access, you must actually purchase the card that goes with the thermostat, which runs $50-$65 increasing the price of the overall thermostat.
  • Installation: DIY-friendly
  • Price: $170-$225

Ecobee Smart Thermostat (EB-STAT-02)

  • Features: This company was one of the first to put out a web-accessible smart thermostat for use in Jacksonville, FL and has continued with innovative products ever since. In order to access your thermostat through the Internet, you must set up an account with Ecobee. This system used lots of data from local weather stations and also allows you to use a variety of features of your HVAC system to gain the most efficiency out of your system. For those interested in this thermostat, but do not think the complex nature of installation would work, Snyder Heating and Air of Jacksonville offers great quality service.
  • Installation: DIY-friendly to complex
  • Price: $300

Honeywell Prestige HD YTHX9321R

  • Features: Honeywell is trusted and veteran company for heating and air in the home! Consumer Reports provide this model with a great rating. Visually, it is larger and not as sleek as some of the other models on the market, but is easy to read and use. In order to gain Internet access, you also must purchase an interface allowing you to gain such access increasing the price of the thermostat.
  • Installation: NOT DIY-friendly
  • Price: $250- $343

Wi-Fi Color Touchscreen RTH9580

  • Features: This is a thermostat for use in Jacksonville, FL by Honeywell and was designed to compete with the Nest. This system will not work with Milli-volt systems, such as a gas fireplace, or with 120/240-volt systems, such as baseboard electric heat. In order to operate it for remote access, you have to register the device and sign up with a Honeywell My Total Connect Comfort account. Both iOS and Android apps are supported.
  • Installation: DIY-friendly
  • Price: $249

Lock State WiFi Internet 7-D Day Programmable Model #LS-90i

  • Features: This option comes with lots of connectivity options and is compatible with a variety of HVAC systems, including heat pumps, auxiliary heat, external air baffles, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. You must set up Wi-Fi by inserting the “LockState Connect USNAP” and creating an account to register the device.
  • Installation: DIY-friendly
  • Price: $298

Hunter Universal Internet Thermostat Model: 44917

  • Features: This has a basic screen interface, is very DIY-friendly, and has simple installation. It does have a separate Wi-Fi module. In order to connect wirelessly, you must set up an account or download the application from the iTunes store.
  • Installation: DIY-friendly
  • Price: $99

Lux TX9600TS

  • Features: This thermostat does not have Wi-Fi accessibility, but does have universal compatibility. This is user-friendly, programmable, and has a touch screen. It also has a feature letting you know when it is time to change the air filter. Having a better idea about your maintenance needs can also help you to take better care of your HVAC system and prolong the longevity of it.
  • Installation: DIY-friendly
  • Price: $70
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