Top 4 Reasons to Go Green Today

Top 4 Reasons to Go Green Today

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Ed Miller on Mon, Nov 19, 2018



If you are like many homeowners, you probably have concerns about the rising energy costs to run your home. You might even be concerned about reducing your home’s carbon footprint and have made attempts to go green and save energy where you can. But did you know that running your home’s heating and cooling system could account for 56 percent of the energy used in your home? Choosing to upgrade your older and less efficient system to a modern and greener system is not only good for the environment. It is also good for your wallet.

Here are the top reasons why you should go green with the HVAC in your Jacksonville home.

You Could Get a Tax Break

As if saving money on your energy bills were not enough, if you choose to replace your old system with a new energy-efficient HVAC system, you could qualify for a sizeable tax break. Under 2018 federal tax law, you could receive a tax credit of $5,000 or more depending on the system’s size when you purchase and have a new system installed before December 31, 2018. This helps you realize the return on your investment even sooner when you combine it with the immediate savings you will gain with an energy-efficient system.

You Will Dodge Future Issues with R22 Refrigerant

Older HVAC systems use R22 refrigerant, which is being phased out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency because it is known to deplete the ozone in the atmosphere. After 2020, it will be illegal to manufacture or import R22 into the United States. This could lead to shortages and higher prices if your air conditioner requires R22 because it has leaked out or evaporated. All new air conditioners in the United States now use more environmentally friendly refrigerants, including R410A.

You Can Implement Green Features into Your Existing HVAC System

If you do not want to completely replace your heating and cooling system right now, there are several ways you can increase its energy efficiency right now.


  • Have a smart thermostat installed. With a smart thermostat, you create programs to cool and heat your home more efficiently and economically. And when you are away from home, you can connect to the thermostat through a smart app on almost any phone, laptop or tablet.
  • Have an HVAC economizer installed. Many newer systems have an economizer already built-in. This piece of equipment pulls cooler air into your home to reduce the time your air conditioner needs to run. It could reduce the amount of mechanical cooling by almost 75 percent.
  • Have your system converted into zones. It could be possible to convert your existing traditional ducted split HVAC system into a zoned system. This allows you to control each zone independently to cool or heat different areas throughout your home. The benefit is you reduce your system’s energy lost and your energy costs.

You Could Benefit from Free and Renewable Energy

While you may pay more upfront, converting to solar energy could provide you with the energy needed to run your heater, air conditioner, water heater and more throughout your home. One of the best things about solar energy systems is the abundance of Florida sun just waiting to be harnessed. After paying for installation, your energy is completely renewable. The next best thing is that you could get tax rebates and other incentives from your local utilities for converting to solar energy.


Looking to reduce your heating and cooling costs and help the environment? Contact Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning at (904) 441-8476 to learn more about our green HVAC options.



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