Troubleshoot Your Heating System

Troubleshoot Your Heating System

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When things go wrong with your heating system your first instinct is to call on an HVAC service company to fix your unit. However, many times, you can troubleshoot the issue yourself and get your unit back up and running, saving you the cost of a trip out andor a repair.

Heating Jacksonville, FL – Try This Before Calling an Expert

The following are a few things you can do when your heating system goes on the blink. Start with some simple things first and fix what you can. If you still have issues you can’t address, then you can call for help.

  • Power – Many times, your heating unit won’t work it’s because the power to it got cut off in some way. Always check the breaker box to make sure the breaker for the unit did not trip, keeping the heater from turning on. It’s embarrassing, and costly, to have a technician come out, spend ten minutes looking at the unit, walk over to the breaker box and flip the switch. Check the power first. There may also be a switch on the unit. Check the manual and make sure you know where any switches are that might turn the unit on and off.
  • Thermostat – There are several things you can do to make sure you thermostat is working properly. Again, check the breaker panel. It might just be tripped. Check the calibration on the device. The temperature might be off. Adjust the unit to make the heater turn on. Note the temperature on the thermostat and check it with a thermometer. If the unit is battery operated, check the batteries. Sometimes old batteries will cause issues. Check to see if the thermostat is dirty. Dirt and grime can coat contacts and other electrical components that might cause the thermostat to malfunction and your heater to not operate correctly.
  • Filters – Your system’s filter, or filters, can cause problems. Dirty filters are one of the biggest causes of heater problems. Filters should be changed according to the manufacturer’s schedule. You should check your filters on a regular basis, say once a month, and change them as needed. If your home has animals, you may have to change your filters often.
  • Pilot light and igniter – Gas and propane heating systems use either one of these to light the flame to heat the air. If you have an igniter, check it by turning off the gas reset valve. Wait a few minutes and turn the gas back on. This should allow the unit to fire up. If it does not, you may have a faulty igniter. If your unit has a pilot light follow the manufacturer’s instructions for lighting it again. If you can’t get either of these to work, you will generally have to call a service company for assistance.
  • Blower – Many heater blowers are belt driven. These belts require replacement every now and then. Check to see if the belt is broken or maybe it has just lost some tension. Replace the belt if you can.
  • Registers – Often the registers may get closed or stopped up. This can cause issues with your heating unit, and, in extreme cases, it might cause your heater to stop. Open up and clean the registers. Sometimes this will get a unit up and running again.
  • Other considerations – There are a few other things you can check for when troubleshooting your heater. There are electrical wires that often loosen or come undone in the unit. You may be able to reconnect these. Check the thermostat for these, also. Make sure the gas to the unit is turned on. Sometimes the valve will just get turned off.

Heating Jacksonville, FL – Call an Expert

Heating  units are fairly complicated appliances. They don’t break down often, but, when they do, try a few of the steps listed above before calling for professional help. You may be able to save yourself a few dollars in the long run.

Since heating systems are pretty complicated, there are many things you should not try. If you are not absolutely certain of what you are doing, don’t make the situation worse. Call for professional help. There are HVAC service companies that can help you take care of your heating issues in Jacksonville, FL.

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