Ventilation and Your Respiratory System Are Related

Ventilation and Your Respiratory System Are Related

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Ed Miller on Fri, May 10, 2013

At this point, most people are likely well aware of the fact that the amount of pollution in the atmosphere in their city can have a serious impact on their respiratory health. Pollutants in the air inside a home or office can have an equally significant impact on your respiratory health and this is particularly the case when the weather is very warm or very cold. With the windows and doors closed, your ventilation system dictates how clean and comfortable the air is in inside your home and has a real impact on your overall health.

Recognizing Problems 

Problems with indoor air quality can cause many different symptoms. They may be more pronounced in people with respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies than they are in other people, but the issues oftentimes affect everyone in a home.

Shortness of breath, headaches, asthma attacks, fatigue and other issues can all stem from improper ventilation. These issues can be compounded by existing conditions that someone may suffer and, even in people who are normally healthy, they can become intense enough that they cause a great deal of distress.

There is no one way to test for indoor air quality problems. Air conditioning and heating installers can check the systems that bring fresh air into the home and look for issues. In many cases, having an inspection done will reveal that the system needs to be cleaned or that there is some sort of an issue that could be fixed or an improvement made that would alleviate the problem.

Much of keeping the air inside a home clean and fresh comes down to the maintenance of AC and heating systems. This is a complex affair, requiring that someone with the proper expertise makes a full assessment of the system. They’ll have to check for dust and debris, to make sure that the mechanical elements of the system are functioning correctly and to make sure that there are no obstructions in the system that may be blocking airflow.

Maintenance helps technicians to identify problems before they become serious issues. In some cases, indoor air quality that has diminished may be a sign that something is wrong with your heating and air conditioning equipment. With a properly maintained, modern system, high indoor air quality can be maintained throughout the year.

When to Act 

It’s best to address indoor air quality issues right away. The system, if it is malfunctioning or just dirty, is likely to get worse as it is used more and more and that means that, not only will any mechanical damage be likely to become a more serious issue if it is addressed later rather than sooner, it also means that the risks to your health are likely to become more serious as time goes on.

Snyder AC has been in business, serving all of NE Florida, since 1973. Make them your Jacksonville, FL contractor and you can take advantage of maintenance programs that work on a regular schedule. This means that, at the beginning of the heating and cooling seasons, your system can be checked, maintained and, if necessary, repaired.

Indoor air quality is a significant issue for those who have respiratory issues. If you have someone in your home or a relative who has issues with their respiratory system, it’s a good idea to have their ventilation system checked regularly so that any issues can be addressed as soon as possible.




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