What Makes Snyder One Of The Best HVAC Companies To Work For

What Makes Snyder One Of The Best HVAC Companies To Work For

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Ed Miller on Fri, Feb 20, 2015

A career in HVAC maintenance can be lucrative, but only under the right direction. The heating and air conditioning industry is dynamic, and HVAC businesses must respond to constant changes in technology and business practices. Snyder Heating & Air provides quality training, benefits, and employee networking to ensure success in the world of HVAC. We have the expertise, ingenuity, and flexibility to offer you a satisfying, long-lasting career.

Steady Work Model

To maintain high levels of employee satisfaction, Snyder works hard to ensure that our employees never have to worry about bouts of underemployment. When few clients are asking for repairs, you will have the option of working on preventative maintenance jobs, in which you inspect clients’ HVAC equipment and look for design flaws and other sources of future problems. Snyder also contracts to install HVAC units on new houses and office buildings. We thus keep our employees busy, protecting you from periodic boredom and low income.

Corporate Generosity

Financial security is essential in generating employee satisfaction, which is why Snyder offers all long-term employees an attractive benefits package. In addition to health and dental insurance, you’ll also have paid holidays and vacations, access to our company’s 401(k) plan, and regular opportunities for advancement. Not only that, but we make sure that all of our benefits are easy to understand and use. Our 401(k) plan, for instance, is connected to jhpensions.com, which allows you to access your account balance with ease, design a retirement plan that is right for you, and receive frequent updates about your progress toward that retirement.

It’s also very important to all of us at Snyder to make sure we give back to the community. Over the years, the company has donated to a wide range of charities including the National Down Syndrome Society and the North Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Association Air Angels Foundation which helps child cancer patients. We often base our donations on our employees’ experiences. We began donating to the Down Syndrome Society, for example, after we discovered that one of our installers has a child with Down syndrome.

Investing in Your Future

To survive in a dynamic industry like HVAC, Snyder must constantly pay attention to new advances in heating and cooling technology. Whenever consumers begin using a new product to control their homes’ climate, we immediately provide our workers with the necessary training to install, fix, or upgrade that product in our clients’ homes. For new employees, we offer on-the-job mentoring; for veterans, the opportunity to build on what they already know.

If Snyder requires you to retrain for a new job, we not only cover the cost of training but also pay you your normal hourly wage for the time it take you to train. We even provide free meals during training sessions, which are usually held on Wednesday nights for two hours at a time. We offer voluntary after-hours and online training courses for employees who go above and beyond the required commitment to their jobs. With these training programs, Snyder not only ensures you’ll be able to do your job correctly, but also helps you invest in your own future. Whatever changes occur in the HVAC industry, we’ll make sure you have the expertise to succeed.

Besides providing quality training, we are also careful to award our most loyal and productive employees. We recognize technicians who consistently get good reviews from customers, have low customer callback rates, and generate leads, rewarding them with a wide range of incentives and bonuses. We are committed to maximizing employee satisfaction and will never let your contributions go unrewarded.

A Culture of Trust

At Snyder, we’re confident in our employees’ loyalty and never hesitate to trust them with company equipment or independence. Since our employees live throughout the city, it’s often quicker for us to let them respond to repair calls directly from their homes. This means we have to trust them to keep company equipment and vehicles at their homes and to honestly report their work hours without coming into the office. Year after year we trust our employees in this way, and year after year they prove we are right to do so.

A Culture of Camaraderie

Snyder values employee teamwork and friendships and offers its employees regular opportunities to get to know each other better and build stronger bonds. Between our yearly fishing trips and quarterly cookouts, we make sure that your relationship with your co-workers is based on more than business. If you work for Snyder for more than five years, you and your spouse are entitled to attend the Snyder Company Cruise with your fellow long-term employees. We do everything in our power to ensure that you and your fellow employees know and respect each other, guaranteeing that working together will be an enjoyable experience.

Snyder also gives you a chance to get involved with recruitment. If you convince a prospective employee to take one of our job openings and he or she remains employed for three months, you will receive a $300 cash bonus. The more our company expands, the more chances you’ll have to put together a team of technicians you trust.

A Company With a Future

Snyder is proof that financial success and employee satisfaction go hand-in-hand. After 42 years in business we remain a leader in the HVAC industry, thanks to the hard work and ingenuity of our employees. We continue to attract new clients and hire new workers, and have the expertise and networking to remain in business for decades to come.

Snyder is well known for offering financial security, employee satisfaction, and a comfortable work environment to all its technicians. If you’re looking for a stable, enjoyable career, visit our website today!

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