When Should I Service My HVAC Unit?

When Should I Service My HVAC Unit?

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Ed Miller on Thu, Jul 11, 2013

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit is one of the key elements in ensuring that you and your family live healthy and comfortable lives. It literally cleans the air you breathe and helps to regulate the temperature in your home. It is your responsibility to ensure that your HVAC unit is serviced and maintained properly so that you can live comfortably without any problems, summer or winter. Most industry experts recommend that the air filter be cleaned or replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions and that you call in the professionals and have it cleaned thoroughly twice a year, ideally before the onset of summer and winter.
Your home air conditioning unit has been working tirelessly throughout the winter to heat your home and now that summer is here, it will have to work again to keep your family cool and comfortable. The cleaning of your heating and air conditioner system should ideally be done between winter and summer. It is also vital to have your ac unit serviced and any necessary maintenance work or repairs done during this time. Dust, dirt and debris can collect around your HVAC unit’s exterior components. These need to be cleaned to remove any possible restrictions in the air flow. It is essential for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit to be clear of all such restrictions for free circulation of fresh air in your home.Your HVAC specialist will be the ideal person to advise you on the best routine for maintaining your HVAC system in the best possible condition. Such regular maintenance will also help to extend the life of your HVAC unit. Most residential a/c repair and service companies will offer service packages that include regular visits to check out your unit every few months and change or fix any parts that need to be repaired or changed. It is particularly essential to have a perfectly working heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit in a hot and humid place like Jacksonville, Florida. Another advantage to such service contracts is that you don’t have to worry about scheduling a maintenance visit; they call you for a convenient time to come and perform the maintenance routine.The beginning of summer is the ideal time to have the annual maintenance carried out on your air conditioning unit. Your service company will conduct a thorough investigation and clean the air filter or replace it, tighten any loose screws, remove any blockages and clear the exterior areas of the compressor, too. A professional HVAC unit service provider will carry a check list of things to look for so that you can relax and enjoy a problem free summer. In the Jacksonville FL area, because of the hot and humid summers, it is essential to have a thorough checkup of your HVAC unit at the beginning of summer, even if not before winter. Replacing your air filter can help you to enjoy better indoor air quality and also prolong the life of your HVAC unit. Other parts of your HVAC unit that will need attention before summer are the grill, the evaporator coils and also a check to see if there’s enough lubrication for the fan belt and bearings.

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