Why Does My HVAC Unit Always Run?

Why Does My HVAC Unit Always Run?

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Ed Miller on Fri, Sep 20, 2013

If your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) unit is constantly running, it is causing more problems than a persistent humming noise. It is costing you money and making you less comfortable than you should be. This article will look at the reasons why your HVAC unit is running, how this affects you and what the best solutions are to tackle the problem.

Why is My HVAC Unit Always Running?


If your HVAC unit is constantly running, it is likely due to inefficiency. Not all air conditioners are built the same, and yours could have been built when the energy efficiency codes were much different than they are now; there was a time when air conditioner manufacturers could build an HVAC unit of any quality without impunity, but now, energy regulations require that their units meet certain standards. If your HVAC unit was made a number of years ago, it may have been constructed in a manner that makes it highly inefficient.

Another possibility is that your HVAC unit meets modern standards, but is not efficient enough to handle the weather conditions in your area. Air conditioning units are rated by an Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) imposed and EPA enforced Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER rating), which ranges from 13 to 21 (21 being the best). As a Jacksonville Florida resident, you live in an area that is constantly hot and humid, so you will be using your air conditioner year-round; because of this, it is recommended that your air conditioning unit have the highest SEER rating possible to maximize efficiency.

It is also possible that some components of your HVAC unit are not sized properly. Improperly sized ventilation ducts, for instance, will cause your HVAC unit to strain to maintain the temperature and humidity of the air in your home. To check whether or not all of the components of your HVAC unit are properly sized, you should hire the best air conditioning service company Jacksonville Florida has available to inspect it.

How does a Constantly Running HVAC System Hurt Me?

If your HVAC unit is constantly running, then it is not maintaining your home’s temperature and humidity as steadily as it should. If this is the case, you will find it to be ineffective on the hottest, most humid days of the year. During these days, running an ineffective air conditioning unit such as this will be like throwing money out of the window.

Regardless of how well your constantly running HVAC unit maintains the temperature and humidity of your home, it is still costing you money. An HVAC unit is not meant to be constantly running. They are supposed to bring a room to a certain temperature and humidity level, and then maintain the room’s conditions as needed. If your HVAC unit is constantly running, it is arbitrarily costing you hundreds on your energy bill every year.

Will I Need to Get My Entire HVAC Unit Replaced to Fix the Problem?

Oftentimes, there will be no need to replace your entire air conditioning unit. The problem can often be fixed by replacing inefficient parts, such as outdated coils or improperly sized ventilation ducts. Making sure to hire the best air conditioning service company that Jacksonville Florida has to offer will help ensure that you hire a knowledgeable professional who will be aware of this.

How Can I Get a Constantly Running HVAC Unit Repaired?

To get your HVAC unit up and running at optimal efficiency, you should first contact the best professional air conditioning service company in Jacksonville Florida in order to determine what the cause of the problem is. Once they have informed you of whether your HVAC unit is out of date, of substandard quality for your area, or improperly sized, they will inform you of the best way to fix the problem. They should be able to quickly determine a solution for the problem.

If you need HVAC unit repair or part replacement, then a skilled professional will be able to quickly get your HVAC unit running at maximum efficiency. If you are in need of complete unit replacement, then the professional can guide you through which new units would be best for your home and install whichever one that you choose.

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