Why You Should Consider an AC Replacement Before Summer Hits

Why You Should Consider an AC Replacement Before Summer Hits

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Ed Miller on Thu, Feb 23, 2017

Summer will be here before you know it.







Before you know it, scorching heat and humidity will be returning to the Jacksonville area. Is your air conditioner ready to take the heat? If it struggled last year to keep your home cool or if you had to call for service several times, it might be time to consider an AC replacement before summer hits.

Noticeable Signs it is Time for AC Replacement

  • Inability to keep your home cool. There are several reasons why your air conditioner may not be able to keep up with the cooling demand in your home. It could be as simple as that someone changed the temperature on the thermostat or your unit might have a small refrigeration leak. These are usually easy fixes. But, there are some repair issues, especially when your air conditioner is nearing or past the age of its expected life span where it is more prudent to replace your system than to sink money into repairing it, including:
    • Multiple refrigeration leaks throughout your air conditioning unit.
    • Compressor, condenser or evaporator failure.
    • Electrical issues that pose a fire or shock hazard.
  • Loud vibrations or squealing sounds coming from your air conditioner. If your air conditioner begins to make noises, it’s not something that will go away on its own. It might be possible that all you need is a belt replacement. However, it could be a sign that the motor or air handler needs replacement. Depending on the condition or age of your unit, an AC replacement is usually more cost efficient.
  • Very high electric bills. An older air conditioner can account for 50 percent or more of your monthly electric bill during the summer. As your air conditioner ages, it because less energy efficient. If you are afraid to look at your electric bill each month, replacing your old, inefficient air conditioner is something to seriously consider. You could potentially save up to 40 percent of what you are paying to cool your home. This will help you recoup the costs of an AC replacement.

Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Once you have decided that it is time to replace your air conditioner, you will need to have your home evaluated to determine its cooling load. This will determine what size unit will cool your home the most efficiently because you do not want a unit that is too small or too big. If you choose a unit that is too small, it will struggle to cool your home and run constantly, which means a high electric bill. Choosing a unit that is too big for your home can make your home uncomfortably cold and use too much electricity.

An AC replacement is also good for the environment. You will be using less electricity, which helps cut down on the drain on fossil fuels used to power the electrical grid. Additionally, new air conditioning systems use Puron instead of Freon. Puron is an environmentally safe refrigerant that does not harm the environment when released into the air.

After having an AC replacement, you will want to make sure that it keeps running efficiently by having it serviced every year. This also makes sure that your manufacturer’s warranty is kept in force.

Replacing your air conditioner now will help keep your family comfortable throughout the hottest months here in Jacksonville. It can also prevent any delays in having a new system installed during the busiest season for HVAC contractors. Call Snyder Company Heating and Air Conditioning at (904) 441-8476 to schedule an appointment for a quote to replace your home’s air conditioner.


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