Winter is here – Is Your HVAC Ready?

Winter is here – Is Your HVAC Ready?

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Ed Miller on Fri, Dec 21, 2018


Summer has drifted away on an ocean breeze, and autumn has left us all behind. Winter has officially arrived in Jacksonville, and even though our winters are typically far milder than in other parts of the country, we still need to prepare our homes for the change in weather. While you may have done the smaller chores to ready yourself for cooler temperatures, such as airing out the heavier blankets or washing your favorite fuzzy socks, you may not have thought to winterize your home.

Your HVAC system specifically needs your attention during the cooler months. See if you have taken all these simple steps to ensure your air conditioning and heating are as ready as you are for chillier days!

Readying for Winter from the Outside In

The equipment outside your home is a good place to start with winterizing your HVAC system. While the inside portions of the heating and cooling system tend to receive all the attention, many people forget the parts that stay outdoors. This can leave important equipment unmaintained, and shorten its lifespan.

Clean up around any outdoor unit you have on your property. Remove branches, leaves, or other debris that may have collected around it. These can block intake vents and slow down airflow into the unit. If plants or grasses have grown around it, clear at least a foot of space around all sides of the unit.

Preparing for Winter Inside the Home

If you have utilized a window air conditioner to take the edge off the hotter days, now is a good time to bring it in. Wipe it down, then place it safely into storage. This will prolong the life of the unit and will cut down on chilly drafts. It will also protect your window air conditioner from the winter elements.

For those with central heating and air, now is a great time to change your air filter! Regular changes of this inexpensive but important part of your HVAC system are recommended. A clean filter allows your heating system to work more efficiently, and also removes unpleasant allergens from the air. Change the filter at the start of the winter, then check it every month to ensure it does not need another replacement.

Schedule a Tune-Up of Your HVAC Unit

Your HVAC system provides for your comfort and assists in keeping the air in your home clean and healthy. An annual tune-up of your system ensures it will function well and remain a sound investment for many years to come. Contact Snyder today for more information on a check-up for your HVAC unit!

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