Old vs. New: How Air Conditioning Unit Models Differ

Old vs. New: How Air Conditioning Unit Models Differ

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Ed Miller on Fri, May 27, 2016

One of the most often considered HVAC units in Florida is the air conditioner. The extreme heat and humidity make these units a necessity if you are to make it through the year in comfort. If you currently have a unit that is several years old, you are probably so accustomed to the noise you don’t notice it any longer. What you do notice is the high amount of your electric bill each month, especially during the summer. Those of you who have not upgraded your air conditioning system within the past year or two are in for a wonderful surprise when viewing the newer models.

Improvements All-Around

The three biggest complaints we most hear about air conditioning systems, and HVAC systems in general, are noise level, electricity cost and harmful coolants that are quickly adding to the damage of the planet’s ozone layer. Manufacturers have listened to consumers and the newer models have three major improvements over the older ones.

  • Noise Level – Today’s models can reduce noise level by as much as twenty percent. New compressor technology is much quieter. Further reducing the noise level is the shape of fan blades. They now rotate so quietly you may wonder if they are working at all.
  • Energy Consumption – Older models sometimes used as much as 6000 watts of electricity per hour to effectively cool a single-family home. This added up quickly in regards to cost. With new technology available, and the nation’s focus on reducing energy consumption, there are now units that can cool that same house for a mere 1710 watts of energy. That full 250 percent decrease in usage will be noticeable on your energy bill immediately.
  • New Coolants – At least once a week, you can hear one scientist or another warn about the current state of the Earth’s ozone layer. Old coolants did nothing to help stave off problems. A new refrigerant, known generically as R410A, does not contain the ozone-eating chlorine of old refrigerants. You not only save money, you help save the environment.

Additional Factors

While the above three changes are the most beneficial differences between older and newer air conditioning units, there are other factors that can make a new model more appealing. Newer units are often smaller, more visually pleasing and less expensive to purchase. This might make them blend in with your housing decor so well that, coupled with their quieter operation, they will become nearly invisible.

Why Wait?

Every day you put off upgrading your HVAC system to a more efficient new air conditioning model, you are losing money. Before the heat hits full force this year, come in and speak with one of Snyder’s knowledgeable representatives about upgrading your system, or request a free quote online. Once you have that first energy bill in hand, you will wonder why you waited so long to make this change.

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