Should You Be a Fan of Running Your AC Fan 24/7?

running ac fan only at night

Should You Be a Fan of Running Your AC Fan 24/7?

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Ed Miller on Wed, Jun 24, 2020

The air conditioner plays a vital role in our comfort this time of year. It ensures we have pleasant days and better sleep at night. However sometimes, that comfort can come with larger energy bills.

Efficiency keeps us cool and comfortably in our budget, too. So when we hear about a potential lifehack like keeping the heating and cooling system’s fan running all the time, we want to know the truth of the tip. Is it better to constantly keep your AC’s fan on? Read on to find out more!

Pros and Cons of Running the HVAC Fan 24/7

Some people might not realize that most systems offer you the ability to tell the fan to run all the time. We set our thermostats and let the system do the work of figuring out when they should run. Yet for many, this option gives them some appealing benefits:

  • Leaving the fan on eases the strain on the HVAC system. Constant motion means fewer stops and starts, which can extend the lifespan of your unit.
  • Constant fan use keeps the air in your home circulating through your air filters and UV sterilizers if you have them. People with allergies may appreciate the increased filtration of the air they breathe.
  • Increased airflow can reduce the number of hot and cold spots in the home, and provide a more consistent temperature. This distribution of heat and cooling can really help in homes with notorious hot spots.

Running the HVAC fan all the time does come with drawbacks, however. If these issues outweigh the benefits for you, leaving the fan on constantly may not be for you.

  • Continuous circulation means increased energy use. An HVAC fan uses power comparable to your home refrigerator. Leaving the fan on in your HVAC unit can cost hundreds of dollars per year.
  • You will need to clean your filter more frequently, as increased airflow through it means a faster buildup of pollutants.
  • During the summer months, constant HVAC fan use may blow more hot air into your home, causing your AC to run more often. The opposite is true in winter, forcing your heater to run more often. It may also bring more dirty air into your home.

What about the ever-popular “auto” setting? It, too, has points to ponder:

  • The “auto” setting is cost-effective, since it only works when it needs to. You will also have to change the filter less frequently, saving you money on spare filters.
  • The automatic setting works better for dehumidification. Since the fan stops turning, the system has the opportunity to drain moisture to the outdoors instead of blowing it back into your home.
  • Constant airflow does allow a more even distribution of heat and cooling. Letting the fan only work when needed allows more hot or cool spots in the home.
  • All the stops and starts can wear out the fan faster.

Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning Has the Answers

If you feel that constantly running your HVAC fan might help, call the pros first. The experts at Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning can help ensure your system is running at peak efficiency. We can also offer solutions for allergy sufferers that can increase your quality of life while decreasing your energy bills. Contact us today!

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