Toilet Installation In Jacksonville, FL

Toilet Installation In Jacksonville FL

Are you living in or around Jacksonville, Florida and in need of a new toilet installation? There are a couple of key factors to know about before you move forward.

If you don’t get an in-home estimate for your specific toilet, it’s pretty much impossible to say how much you can expect to pay. That is why Snyder Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electric’s plumbing experts are here to review the two essential things you need to know about toilet installations in Jacksonville: your specific toilet and the labor needed to install your new toilet.

Let’s quickly review these two factors to hone in on the cost you’ll likely need to pay for a new toilet installation in Jacksonville, FL.

Factor #1: Your Specific Toilet

Your specific toilet is a big factor that plays into the final price you pay for a new installation, and that’s because it has its own unique design and level of efficiency. The overall cost of your current toilet depends on its design and its efficiency level: a toilet with a basic design and level of efficiency is on the lower end of the price range whereas a toilet with an extremely high level of efficiency and advanced design features, on the other hand, could cost significantly more.

Let’s start with design: Toilets with more advanced design characteristics, such as pressure-assisted flushing, custom seat heights and colors, hidden or skirted pipe bends (or “trapways”), and even touchless flushing are typically more expensive than basic toilets.

Then there’s efficiency: the higher your specific toilet’s level of efficiency is, the more your model will likely cost. The efficiency level of your toilet depends on how much water it uses for each flush, we at Snyder Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electric measure in GPF (gallons per flush).

Toilets that have lower efficiency levels or toilet models that are older typically have a GPF of 3.5 to 7; medium-efficiency toilets usually hover around a GPF of 1.6; and toilet models with the highest efficiency levels may have a GPF that’s as low as 1.26. Not sure what level of toilet efficiency makes the most sense for you? The plumbing pros at Snyder Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electric can tell you how much you can save based on your model’s efficiency.

Factor #2: Labor Needed To Install Your Toilet

The second factor that homeowners in Jacksonville, FL should be aware of is the labor required to install a new toilet. The more labor that’s needed for installation, the higher the overall installation cost becomes.

Generally speaking, the average time needed to install a new toilet ranges from 2 to 4 hours. A new toilet installation may take even longer, though, if your new toilet can’t fit in the same place as your old model; if the metal ring that holds your toilet to the floor (what we call a flange) needs to be replaced or repaired; or if your previous model was leaking and has caused water damage to your floor.

Ultimately, the harder it is to install your new toilet model, the more labor you can expect from the team of plumbers taking care of your new installation. With the above information in mind, remember to consider the design and price as well as the functionality you’re looking for from your new toilet. Need an accurate installation quote for your new toilet in the Jacksonville, FL area? Give Snyder Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electric a call today at (904) 478-9513.

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