This $500 Installation Guarantee is provided by Snyder Co, Inc., (“SHA”) to you, the original consumer purchaser  (“Owner”). The equipment that SHA provides to your home will be installed and operable by the date promised by  SHA or we will pay you $500 for your inconvenience, subject only to the terms and conditions contained in this  document.

How To File a Claim 

If you believe that the SHA equipment was not installed to your home on the date promised by SHA and in an operable  condition, then simply contact SHA at (904) 641-0600 with a brief explanation of the stated claim or concerns by the end of  the day following the date of installation. We may request a copy of this Installation Guarantee and a copy of your sales  agreement or purchase order with SHA. SHA will then schedule an appointment to inspect the premises and the claim within  a reasonable period of time after having received the claim. If after inspection, SHA determines that a valid claim exists  under this Guarantee, SHA will promptly issue you payment for $500. This Installation Guarantee is not valid unless and  until the Owner has made full payment under the original SHA sales agreement and all addenda thereto. Non-warranty calls  for repair or adjustment may result in a service charge. 

What Is Not Covered 

This Installation Guarantee is granted by SHA to the Owner only and only materials purchased from and installed by SHA are covered by this Installation Guarantee. This Installation Guarantee does not cover delays as a result of conditions beyond  SHA’s control, such as hidden defects in your home, labor strikes, fire, flood, lightning, high winds, windblown objects,  earthquake, hurricanes, atmospheric conditions or weather of catastrophic nature as defined by the US Weather Bureau, other  acts of God or intentional acts by you. Such intentional acts would include, but not be limited to, interference with SHA’s  job performance, rescheduling of installation dates, failure to move breakable personal property from the installation area or  failure to provide SHA with prompt reasonable access to the premises, including access to electrical outlets as may be  required. “Operable condition” means the equipment is functionable, regardless of any outstanding governmental permitting  or inspection requirements.

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