17 Steps on how to Service AC Unit

how to service ac unit

17 Steps on how to Service AC Unit

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Ed Miller on Tue, Dec 03, 2013

To reduce service calls, Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning, an industry-leading AC service company in Jacksonville FL, recommends these 18 easy-to-follow steps for the maintenance of your air conditioning system. They will come in handy for a first-time homeowner or anyone who is learning to do their own maintenance.

Let’s begin the process with the A/C unit, before you are ready to start it for the cooling season.

1.) Start off outside with your air conditioning unit. Turn off the power before starting. The last thing you need is a jolt when you are checking with the unit.

2.) Check the copper tube that runs from the unit to your home for kinks, holes, breaks and other damage. If it looks undisturbed, it probably is.

3.) Sweep any debris away from the unit before you remove the cover. That will keep more debris from blowing around and getting stuck in the coils.

4.) Brush the dirt and dust from the A/C cover. Then, remove it and set it aside.

5.) Now, you are looking at the coils and fins and motor. Don’t bend them. These are the inner workings of the compressor that make everything possible

6.) Cover the motor and electrical wiring to keep water off of them. Water should be coming from the hose that you will soon direct at the coils and fins in the middle of the A/C.

7.) Spray a steady stream of water between the coils and fins to dislodge the material you find there. Clean coils mean a more efficient operation of your AC. Getting back to those fins, spray a stream of water between the little things to get rid of the accumulated dirt and debris.

8.) Take out your owner’s manual and look at a schematic. Does everything look like it does in the picture? If not, you might want to call for AC service in Jacksonville FL.

9.) Now put the cover back over the AC unit.

Now we’re ready to move inside for the other half of the maintenance session.

10.) Turn the dial or button on your thermostat up a degree or two, so that the air conditioning system turns on. Listen for any strange noises coming from the unit.

11.) Using a simple wall thermometer, record the temperature readings in every room.

12.) Now, see if the thermostat reading agrees with your individual room temperature readings. If there is wide variance in temperatures, consider calling your Jacksonville AC service company.

13.) Check for any water dripping or forming pools near the air returns or outside the home.

14.) Check the plastic tubes that the water is supposed to drain from. See any holes? Sounds like a job for AC service in Jacksonville FL.

15.) Locate the actual floor drain where the water is supposed to drain.

16.) Is the drain covered with an object or debris that prevents drainage? If so, remove and ensure proper drainage.

17.) Take another look at the manual and locate the condensation drain pan. If it is clogged or otherwise not draining properly, call for AC service in Jacksonville FL.

If you noticed any problem areas during the inspection process, such as leaking copper tubes, dripping water, strange motor or fan noises inconsistent temperature readings and other anomalies, the time has come to check with your AC service company in Jacksonville FL. If you detect any problems early enough, you may be able to eliminate costlier repairs later.

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