Snyder Family Hero Plan

Did you know…

  • Over half of all repairs are due to

    lack of regular maintenance

  • Neglecting equipment reduces

    its lifespan by more than 25% and

    increases utility costs

  • Skipping routine maintenance can

    void your manufacturer’s warranty

  • Circuit breaker panels should be maintained every year to prevent costly repairs and problems

  • You could save thousands

    by addressing issues before

    they become major repairs


• 2x Heating & cooling maintenance visits
• 1x Complementary annual electrical
safety evaluation
• 1x Complementary annual plumbing
safety & efficiency inspection
• 15% of all repairs (up to $100)
• Priority scheduling for repair calls
• 1x Free AC diagnostic fee per year
• 1x Free plumbing/electrical dispatch fee
per year
• Free AC drain line unclogging with
uninterrupted care plan
• $50 credit per year towards deluxe or
higher AC System

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