5 Tips for Maintaining your Heating and AC Unit

5 Tips for Maintaining your Heating and AC Unit

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Ed Miller on Wed, Oct 30, 2013



When the weather is at its hottest or coldest outside the last thing you want to be without is your heating and AC unit. Facing an unplanned break down of your equipment can be not only an inconvenience as you will be without heat or air conditioning but you usually face high charges for emergency repair calls. In order to keep your unit running smoothly without any hiccups it’s always best to maintain a preventive maintenance plan that prevents breakages from occurring. Five tips for maintaining your heating and AC unit include:

Routine Inspections

Instead of sitting around and hoping that your heating and AC unit will make it through another year it’s wise to schedule a routine maintenance inspection with Snyder. These professionals have a list of items that they will check on your unit and these are the most common items that usually need to be repaired. Often there may be a small problem that can easily and affordably be fixed now before it becomes a larger, more expensive issue. If you work with an HVAC company they can contact you each year when it’s time to schedule your routine appointment which removes the need for you to keep track of that.

Making A Service Call

If you start to hear some odd noises coming from your heating or AC unit or perhaps you find a small leak, you will want to call a professional immediately. These are usually the first signs that there is a problem with your unit and if you take care of it now you will save yourself a big hassle later on. These types of calls aren’t usually emergencies so you won’t have to pay a premium and for the most part you’ll just be facing having to replace a small part that commonly malfunctions with time and wear.

Keep Your Filters Clean

Keeping your filters clean is necessary for a number of reasons. Not only does this help improve your indoor air quality but it also prevents wear and tear occurring on your heating and AC unit. A buildup of dust and other particles such as mold spores, dander, etc. can accumulate on the small, intricate parts in your unit. When this occurs your unit sometimes has to work harder to accomplish its job. This ages your unit faster and you will find you need more repairs done if you aren’t keeping your filters clean. Also, you won’t need to schedule a duct cleaning as often if you are replacing your filters at the recommended interval of time.

Clean Evaporator and Condenser Coils

This is the area in your heating and AC unit that is most prone to accumulating mold and dirt particles. Keeping these two areas clean can help maintain your unit as well as keep it working as efficiently as possible. This helps save you money on your energy dollars as well as on repair bills. When you have your routine maintenance appointment your serviceman can show you this area and how to clean it periodically. It’s best to do it once per year which can be done by a professional but it can be useful to do it one other time in the middle of the year as well. There are special, mild cleaning products that can be used on these areas to help properly clean and remove micro-organisms.

Keep the Area Clean

Periodically you should check your outdoor unit to make sure the area does not have an accumulation of leaves, weeds or grass. You should also keep an eye on any water accumulation that could be occurring or mold growth in the area. Ideally what you are looking to do is keep the airflow constant to your unit and make sure there isn’t anything contaminating your indoor air. Reduced airflow can hamper your unit’s ability to function well and if air is entering your home that has mold in it you can become ill from this.

Keeping up with preventative maintenance is needed to maintain your heating and AC unit properly. It not only prevents repairs from needing to be done but it can also reduce your energy costs if you make sure everything is working in an efficient manner. When the temperature outside is at an extreme you need your HVAC system more than ever to keep you and your family comfortable and happy. Not properly maintaining your equipment can be costly and impractical. Call Snyder now to get on the right track with yearly preventative maintenance. Not only will our professionals make sure your unit is working properly but they will take care of any repairs that need to be done.



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