7 Things to Consider with Residential Air Conditioning Installation

7 Things to Consider with Residential Air Conditioning Installation

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Making sure your home stays comfortable in the hot and the cold is essential for the day to day functioning of most families. This can often be a pricey purchase or fix for your home and you want to consider certain topics when having repairs completed or considering a large purchase.

The Big Decision

Bringing other people into your home to do work is something that no one takes lightly. You want professionalism, efficiency, and productivity when it comes to your residential air conditioning installation in Jacksonville. You want to know about the equipment, models, and brands they will use. A brand such as Daikin holds an outstanding reputation in the heating and air industry. With this in mind, do your research, check out companies big and small. Use neighbors, friends, family, and online ratings, including ones from the Better Business Bureau.

Getting Your Air Where it Needs to Go–Duct Work

Make sure the contractor or company takes a look at the duct system you have in your home. With a bad duct system, you may not receive the most efficient air flow unless they are resealed, reconnected, or, in some cases, rerouted in order for your unit to work at full capability. If major issues exist in your duct work, a new unit may not get you the efficiency you desire.

Beware of Advice From Others

Reputable companies performing residential air conditioning installation in Jacksonville know the climates in which they work. They are aware of various issues people run into in their respective locations. Needs vary depending on the location in which you live, such as dry air in the Southwest or humid air in the Southeast.  What you need in one area of the country might not be what someone else needs in another.

Out With the Old and in With the New

If in need of a new unit, ask yourself what were the things you liked about your previous unit and what things seemed to need improvement. Insulation, windows, square footage, and number of levels of your home are just a few major things that can affect how well your home cools and heats. Daikin is a brand that is extremely versatile, providing a wide array of environments with efficient heating and cooling. Do you have warm locations in your home, such as a second floor or west-facing room? Sometimes a new unit will not necessarily fix this. Have a list of things you can ask your installation company about and if they have solutions or advice.

It’s all About Efficiency–Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

Energy efficient products with regard to residential air conditioning installation in Jacksonville can often save you money in the long run. Many of us buy energy-efficient refrigerators, washers and dryers, water heaters, and various other appliances. If you end up needing a new unit, you want to do the same for one of the largest appliances in your home. Units that have an Energy Star label are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A unit approved by the EPA will range in SEER from 13 to 21 and most people opt for a unit with a SEER rating somewhere in the middle in order to gain back the most money in saving on their electric bills. Most units, including Daikin, offer various models with different SEER ratings.

Size–Know that Bigger is not Always Better

Units are often sized in tons, referring to “tons of refrigeration” and often range from one to five. The old method of measurement was approximately one ton for every 400 square feet. Take into consideration the change in efficiency of the unit and talk to your company or contractor about how many tons you currently have and if that will or will not need to change with your new unit. BEWARE: if an area of your home is not cooling well, this does NOT necessarily mean you need a larger unit. Talk to your company and discuss options.

Indoor and Outdoor–Should you change out both units?

Generally speaking, with regard to residential air conditioning installation, you will need to change out both units at the same time. In order to gain the most efficiency, both units should be changed out. Your energy bill will positively reflect the changing of both, and if one is only changed out at a time, it can often void the warranty.

A local, reputable company with stellar service is Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning. They know the Jacksonville area, its climate, and the needs of the community. They have various locations on the Southside, Beaches, Westside, and in Orange Park. They represent the Daikin Company, known for its energy-efficient products for both residential and commercial uses.

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