Air Conditioning Repair Suggestions

Air Conditioning Repair Suggestions

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Ed Miller on Wed, Sep 04, 2013


When it comes to air conditioning repair in Jacksonville FL, the job of fixing a nonworking unit is a job usually best left up to the experts. However, for those in the area that wish to become educated about their AC unit or complete small repairs themselves, here is a list of some of the common problems that your air conditioning unit might face, how to do the repairs yourself, or whether you need to call in the HVAC calvary instead.

There are three main problems that make up the most common issues that your AC unit might have.

  1. Unit doesn’t pump out enough cold air to cool the area that you have placed your air conditioner in, or the air conditioner unit might cool unevenly – for example, only cooling one part of the home.
  2. Air conditioner doesn’t actually cool – it just runs the fan instead.
  3. Condenser problems. Where the condenser turns on and off or doesn’t run at all.

All of these have specific solutions depending upon what is causing the actual problem and for some of them, you might need to find an expert in air conditioning repair in Jacksonville FL rather than do the repair yourself. Here are some troubleshooting tips on these common problems and how to solve them if possible.

Cooling Problems: AC unit cools unevenly or inadequately

If your air conditioning unit is experiencing uneven cooling, such as only cooling certain areas of your home, the solution to the problem may vary depending upon what kind of system you have. Air flow could be one cause of uneven cooling. If your home is not equipped with return air ducts, or if ducts or vents have become blocked, this could cause uneven cooling.

You may be able to unblock vents yourself, but if you need to retrofit your home with return air ducts, you should call in the professionals. Of course, that is not the only potential problem. It is also possible that your distribution system is out of balance. In order to solve the problem, you will need to have an HVAC professional balance your system.

For units that are simply not doing the task that you installed them for, there might be a few things at fault. Try setting your thermostat five to seven degrees lower. Also, the evaporator in the unit might need to be cleaned. There is also the possibility that the air conditioner is just too small for the home you are using it in, and in this case, you need to call a replacement and air conditioning repair Jacksonville FL specialist in order to install a new unit.

When the unit will not cool at all

If your air conditioner unit does not cool at all there are a couple of things that you can do yourself to try and solve the problem. First, check to ensure that the thermostat isn’t set too high, and lower it if necessary. You might also need to clean the condenser coil or straighten the fins inside the unit. Also, make sure there is no brush or debris blocking the condenser. You may also need to clean the evaporator. Other problems such as low refrigerant or a bad compressor will require that you call an air conditioning repair Jacksonville FL specialist.

Condenser Problems: Condenser turning on and off or not running

Finally, if your condenser turns on and off repeatedly, you may want to use some of the troubleshooting tasks mentioned in the previous paragraph, namely, making sure that the condenser is clean and not being blocked by debris. Make sure that weeds and brush are not blocking the condenser and check to see if the evaporator needs cleaning as well.

If your condenser simply won’t run at all then there are several possible reasons. You may want to check that the unit is getting power. A common problem is a tripped breaker. Also, a thermostat set too high can cause the AC unit to stop functioning. You may have more serious problems such as a motor or compressor that has broken down and in this case you’ll need to call an air conditioning repair Jacksonville FL professional.

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