Are All Air Filters Created Equal?

Are All Air Filters Created Equal?

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Ed Miller on Fri, Mar 29, 2013



Indoor air quality is often quite poor. We may not realize that our chronic sinus headache or our ongoing respiratory trouble is due entirely to the terrible conditions within our home and sleeping areas. Fortunately, all kinds of air filters are available, and are even commonly included as part of our home air conditioning and heating units.

The thing to keep in mind is that not all filters are alike, and only a high quality air conditioning installation or heating supplier will make sure that your filter is an ideal match to your needs.

The Kinds of Filters

Before we begin to discuss the ideal filters for any particular setting, let’s first understand what is available.

HEPA – this sort of air filter is super efficient and is known also as “High Efficiency Particular Air” cleaning technology. It has the capability of catching almost 100% of the particles in the air, and this means that it can often even remove odor causing dirt and debris too. It is the type of filtration that many people with severe or chronic allergies will turn to, but they cannot capture everything – including toxic fumes.

    • Activated Carbon Filters – these are filters that don’t capture so much as absorb the materials that pass through them. This is why many HEPA devices also use this filter too because it allows true air purification as the carbon grabs fumes, odor, and gas from the air.
    • Ultraviolet Light – these filters seek to destroy particles by exposing them to harmful UV rays. These filters are designed to purify the air by killing off bacteria, mold, viruses, and even yeasts that live in the air and cause allergies, illness, and general irritation. These filters do not pull dust or dander from the air.
    • Ionic – these filters use “negative ion generators” to gather in dust and danger. In other words, the ions make all particles heavier and the device then pulls them in to be captured and removed from the air. The main problem with them is that they create ozone and only clean the air without removing odor or any materials stuck to floors, walls, ceilings, etc.

Air Filters and Your Jacksonville, FL Contractor

This means that it is probably of interest to most homeowners to determine if the air filter in their heating and cooling systems is up to the same levels as the filters described above. When a high quality brand, such as Trane air conditioning, is chosen it is likely that the filters will trap plenty of particles and keep contamination inside of the home to an absolute minimum. Even when a different brand is selected, it is often a matter of simple maintenance or heating and air conditioning repair that ensures the filters are the best quality.

For example, if you want to be sure that your system is operating at maximum efficiency you will need to be sure to have your Jacksonville, FL contractor perform seasonal maintenance. This includes heating or air conditioning repair that features filter cleaning or replacement.

Often, one of the first problems encountered after heating or air conditioning installation is the need to change a filter. Many homeowners are unaware of the seriousness of clean and proper air flow in a air conditioning or heating unit. A simple schedule of seasonal or regular maintenance ensures that the machines will run like proverbial clockwork and provide completely clean and comfortable air – no matter what the season.

In the Jacksonville, FL area, you can turn to Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning. They have served the entire Northeast Florida region since 1973 and can provide top quality Trane systems as well as all seasonal maintenance and repair.




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