Avoid Costly Air Leaks

Avoid Costly Air Leaks

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Ed Miller on Tue, Jan 17, 2012

Our Jacksonville heating systems company wants to help you identify air leaks in your home that may be forcing you to use more energy than necessary to save money and be warmer. We’ll help you identify those trouble areas to ensure your Jacksonville home’s heating systems are not working overtime during the winter.

Here are five areas where costly air leaks can occur and simple ways to fix it.Doors. Doors are one of the most obvious areas of the home that air leaks can occur. Weather stripping is an inexpensive material that can applied to the perimeter of the doors to stop drafts.

Windows. Put your hand up to your closed window. Do you still feel air blowing through? Try clear plastic insulation to cover your windows. It will help keep warm air inside so you can stop overworking your home’s heating system.

Duct connections. When you duct is not closed airtight, conditioned air can leak into areas that do not need it, like a crawl space or attic. Contact Snyder Heating & Air for useful tips on how to seal your duct connections.

Wiring holes. Wiring holes can often be found leading from the attic to your home. In order to save your Jacksonville’s home heating systems, it’s important to get them tightened up as soon as possible.

Furnace and filter slots. Double check the furnace and filter slots to ensure everything is tight. If you are unsure, then contact the Jacksonville heating system technicians at Snyder Heating & Air to assist.

Again, it’s better to be completely confident all possible air leaks are sealed then continue to throw away money heating and cooling your home with an inordinate amount of energy output. At Snyder Heating & Air, our trained Jacksonville heating systems specialists can provide a complete, in-home evaluation of all of your potential air leak areas. It’s less expensive to bring in a professional one time to seal your home then to continue to pay high amounts on your energy bill every month.



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