Biggest Threats to Your HVAC System

Biggest Threats to Your HVAC System

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Take care of your equipment, and it will take care of you. That’s a maxim everyone should remember, especially when dealing with your household heating and cooling equipment! While most people know they should ensure their climate control systems receive regular maintenance and professional care, many people may not realize the dangers waiting to damage their air conditioner.

HVAC threats lurk in your own backyard. Savvy people minimize these threats to ensure the long and trouble-free life of their heating and cooling components. It doesn’t take much extra effort to save both time and hassle on frustrating HVAC breakdowns!

Mother Nature’s Menaces

Florida residents are all too aware of the ever-present natural dangers native to the area. While terrifying hurricanes pose obvious HVAC threats, smaller natural risks can do a number on your outdoor heating and cooling equipment. Awareness is key to mitigating these factors.

Water is overabundant in Florida. While outdoor equipment is designed to have a degree of tolerance for precipitation, standing water can damage your HVAC system. Pooling water may carry foreign debris such as rocks or dirt into the mechanisms. Worse, it can also provide an environment where mold can flourish. Ensure your HVAC unit has adequate drainage around it to solve this problem.

Dirt is also an abundant menace for your HVAC system. A sediment of dirt can build up in your compressor unit or can encrust on your coils. Both of these can lead to wear, tear, and higher energy bills. Having a professional such as Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning come out to inspect and clean dirt from the compressor and coils can prolong the life of your system.

If you live in an area that experiences frequent lightning strikes during storm seasons, you may want to invest in a lightning rod to protect your system. Don’t forget, you can turn off your system during extreme weather to help prevent damage!

Great Outdoors HVAC Threats

Many more threats to your HVAC system are better under your control. Keep your outdoor equipment free of overgrowing plants. Allow for at least two to three feet of clearance between the compressor unit and shrubs, flowers, or other plant life.

Should you have trees growing near your outdoor equipment, ensure the branches are trimmed to prevent damage from them falling onto the unit. Not only can falling branches do damage, but drifting detritus such as leaves can create clogs.

Compressor units and other outdoor machinery can offer animals a cozy place to build nests. Regularly inspect your HVAC unit for signs of pest infestations. This is of special import when you intend to turn your unit on for the first time. The quiet winter can tempt wildlife friends into thinking they’ve found a safe haven.

Whether you’ve experienced storm damage, or you’re looking for a heating and cooling tune-up before the seasons change, contact Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning! Our experts will be glad to serve you.



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