Blowing Hot and Cold: Heating and Cooling Systems

Blowing Hot and Cold: Heating and Cooling Systems

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Ed Miller on Fri, Nov 08, 2013


Every home has heating and cooling systems. They are among the biggest energy consumers in most homes. Because of this it is essential that they remain in good working order. A faulty air or heating system can cause several problems. The following issues are just some you could encounter. Your billing could be negatively affected due to inefficiency driving costs up. The comfort level of the home could be impacted negatively due to not being able to control the temperature of your home. Lastly, and most importantly, your well-being could be negatively impacted in conditions of extreme heat or cold.

Different heating and cooling each have their own methods of upkeep. Always consider outside repair companies when you need complex work done or if you’re unsure of what to do. If you lack skill and experience you could find yourself frustrated and wasting your time. Plus inadvertent damage to the heating and cooling system could occur due to unskilled repair. Always trust important repairs to professionals.

Steps to Keep Systems Working

Keep the filters changed. A dirty or clogged air filter negatively affects air flow levels. This reduces the system’s ability to circulate air throughout the home. Because of this it has to run longer and harder to regulate temperatures. This causes the energy bill to go up due to increased power consumption. Not only is this damaging to your bank account it’s also damaging to the equipment as it has to run longer to control the temperature.

Compressor upkeep. Central heating and cooling units have outdoor compressors that switch between hot and cold air as needed. Because of this the outside area occupied by the compressor unit must be kept clean. In the warmer seasons plant growth and debris such as leaves could cause blockages. Surrounding plant life needs to be maintained and trimmed. The sides and base areas of the compressor unit must be kept clear to insure it works properly. Failure to do so could result in overheating and damage to the compressor unit which is a costly repair.

Keep thermostats properly set. While programmable thermostats have made life easier they do require a bit of upkeep. When using them you shouldn’t keep adjusting the temperature to force the unit to kick on and off. This just uses up power and is unneeded. Keep a steady temperature and keep that setting at a proper level for the time of day. If the thermostat appears to be faulty and not working properly a professional should be called in to replace it.

When You Need Help

How to schedule service calls. With service calls it pays to think in advance. Your heating and cooling systems require regular upkeep and repairs to keep running at peak efficiency. This is not the kind of thing to set up when you first notice the changing temperatures. Make sure your system’s maintenance is before any seasonal temperature changes. Plus it also makes the technician’s job easier if they do not have to do an emergency call due to the coming winter.

Ask questions if you have them. It never hurts to ask for advice. If you already have a technician doing repair work ask questions about things you need to know. The service tech is there to help and their insight can be very useful. By having your questions answered this allows you to better keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently.

Who to Call

When you need air and heating repair in the Jacksonville area there is a skilled company that can help you. Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning takes pride in being foremost experts in all areas of indoor comfort. They can help you in several key areas.

Installations: with the aid of a Snyder tech, your heating and cooling installation is customized for your home. By having the proper installation and proper equipment you can save 30 percent or more on your heating and cooling costs.

Maintenance: when using Snyder as your maintenance company you can count on them working for you. They will set their schedule to fit your availability. Plus you can count on their 25 point check system finding any problems with your heating and any issues that may occur with your system before they do.

Repair: sometimes emergencies cannot be avoided. When you need repair work Snyder is available to help you no matter what the time or date happens to be. Plus you’ll get a quick review of what the problem is and how to fix it.

Going Green: Snyder can help you with more Earth-friendly options. They offer specialized systems to treat allergies and help the inside environment. They can also install environmentally friendly Freon-free units.



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