Clever Ways to Conceal Your A/C Unit and Thermostat

Clever Ways to Conceal Your A/C Unit and Thermostat

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Ed Miller on Mon, Feb 04, 2013

Most homeowners put up with the unsightly appearance of their air-conditioning system when the summer days are long and scalding hot. However, when the cooler air arrives, the compressor unit on the exterior of the home that is not being utilized can quickly turn into a distracting eyesore. However, there are a few ways to conceal the A/C unit from view.

Planting Shrubbery

Planting shrubbery approximately 2 feet away from the A/C unit is a quick solution to hide it from view. It is important to select dense, hardy shrubs including evergreen bushes or boxwoods that can withstand the blowing of hot air during the summer months from the compressor unit, while being thick enough to hide it from sight. Choosing evergreens or other vegetation that will not lose their leaves during the cold season will keep the A/C unit out of sight.

Installing Lattice or Fencing

Installing a beautiful lattice frame around the A/C compressor unit as an enclosure will help block the view. Using green-treated posts firmly secured in the ground, located a few feet from the unit will allow an adequate amount of airflow with additional room for the professional performing routine A/C maintenance, when required. Staining the lattice and upright posts will add a decorative feature to the exterior of your home and enhance the landscaping.

Installing a solid fence a few feet away from the A/C compressor is a quick solution for hiding the condensing unit. Installing a fence that stands 3 ½ to 4 feet tall can block the view of a large air-conditioning condensing/compressor unit.

Using Inexpensive Camouflage

One of the least expensive ways to mask the look of the A/C unit on the exterior of the home is to re-paint the sides of the condensing unit using metallic paint that coordinates well with the home’s exterior. It is imperative to only paint the solid metallic parts while leaving the coils in their original condition.

An additional option for providing inexpensive camouflage is to use ornamental grasses, tall flowers, ferns or other planting materials. Purchasing these kinds of vegetation in their early stage will reduce their cost and provide a way to block the view of the air-conditioning system when they grow tall enough in a few years.

Using clever ways to conceal your A/C unit is a way to enhance the exterior of your home without causing harm to the air cooling system. The thermostat located on the interior of the home should always remain in an open area at a location away from the venting system to ensure it is operating properly.



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