Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Ed Miller on Wed, Mar 20, 2013

Known as a “silent killer” because it has no odor or color, carbon monoxide accounts for many household injuries and fatalities each year. The reason it is such a problem is because it quickly poisons any living creature that inhales it for more than a short period of time. When this happens, carbon monoxide overwhelms the oxygen cells in the blood, and literally starves all of the major organs. This will eventually lead to complete asphyxia. Unfortunately, things happen quickly and when someone is exposed to carbon dioxide for too long a period they can suffer everything from nausea and severe headache to brain damage or death in only a matter of minutes.

It is something that can easily kill an entire household (people and pets) within a short period of time, and often before anyone notices that something has gone wrong. This is why so many people use special detectors that trigger an alarm when even a tiny amount of measurable carbon monoxide enters the air.

The Reason Carbon Monoxide Enters a Home

What causes is carbon monoxide poisoning? When a home or property owner relies on gas or coal powered devices in their home, it leaves them open to the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. A simple malfunction in a heating unit or furnace can lead to a lot of trouble. For example, if a furnace is not properly burning off the fuel or gas that powers it, the color of the flame will not be the typical bright blue hue. Instead, it may be orange or yellow and indicate that oxygen is being consumed by the flame. This is no time to wait and see if the issue will remedy itself, and is instead a time to call in an expert to make a repair.

There are also times when a home might fill with carbon monoxide because a vent or air intake is blocked, filters are clogged, or equipment is actually pulling carbon monoxide in from another source (air conditioners often do this purely by being too close to something creating carbon monoxide).

Fortunately, a simple call to your Jacksonville, FL contractor for heating and air conditioning repair can easily prevent any mishaps. This is the ideal person for assessing your current equipment, performing maintenance and repairs, and alerting you to signs of trouble. Often, a single experienced service provider can do work on both an air conditioning and a heating system.

Spring is an Ideal Time for Air Conditioning Installation and Heating Maintenance

As an example, if your Jacksonville, FL contractor is Snyder Company Heating and Air Conditioning, you can begin to get your home ready for the upcoming cooling season. At the same time you have any air conditioning repair, you can also ask your expert contractor to perform a furnace service at the same time. They will clear obstructions from the exhaust vent, change filters, eliminate debris, and to check the condition of the flame. Often, a flame that is discolored is a sign of improper burning in a furnace, and that is certainly one thing that leads to carbon monoxide production inside of the home.

So, whether you need air conditioning installation or simple maintenance, you can ensure that your home is super efficient and super safe by turning to the expert help available from Snyder. They are an air conditioning and heating company that has been operating since 1973. They know all about the best units for your home, and can ensure that you have efficient, functional, and safe equipment providing you with optimal heating and cooling throughout every season.



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