Discounts & Deals for HVAC Services — Don’t Be Caught in a Scheme!

Discounts & Deals for HVAC Services — Don’t Be Caught in a Scheme!

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Ed Miller on Wed, Dec 23, 2015



JACKSONVILLE, F.L.— Saving money and cutting back on expenses whenever possible is a priority for many homeowners. Determining when and where to budget the spending on home comfort can be a bit of a challenge. Websites and Postcards that offer products and home maintenance services at discounted rates can appear attractive, but consumers must be able to differentiate between the deals that are too good to pass up and the deals that can get them caught up in a scheme.

Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Office announced on December 16, 2015 they obtained a temporary injunction to shut down an air conditioning service scheme targeting vulnerable Floridians. According to the complaint, 11 companies and individuals named as defendants used false claims, intimidation and scare tactics to coerce hundreds of consumers, many of them seniors, into purchasing expensive air conditioning parts and services that were not needed or rendered. The scheme cost consumers millions of dollars. The complaint names the following as defendants: Netanel Brumand, Yoseph Cetton, Paloma Falcon-Benitez, Miri Lazko, Biniamin Ram, AC FOR SALE, LLC., Air Care Solutions, Inc., Air Care Solutions, LLC., Febrez AC, LLC., Fla AC Services and Duct Cleaning, LLC. and USAir Duct and AC, LLC. The complaint also names the following as affiliates who received proceeds from the scheme: Karen Edelsburg, Alia Factory, Inc., Alia Investments, Inc., Mirolio, Inc. and USA Wow, Inc.

The North Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Association (NFACCA) recommends homeowners determine whether or not a company is reputable before purchasing discounted services for HVAC services.

To help consumers determine whether or not a company is reputable, NFACCA offers these tips:

• Verify that the company is a NFACCA member with a certified contractor on staff.
• Ask for proof of license and insurance.
• Request that a system inspection be performed at your home, prior to hiring a contractor.
• Avoid advertisements and discounts for Air Duct Cleaning Services under $200.

NFACCA reminds homeowners that according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), duct cleaning services typically—but not always—range in cost from $450 to $1,000 per heating and cooling system. The estimated cost of services depends on the size of the system being cleaned, accessibility to the unit, climactic region the level of contamination, and the type of duct material. NFACCA urges homeowners to refer to the Code of Ethics, available on the NFACCA website. The Ethics are designed to help homeowners understand the level of commitment these contractors have to the success of the industry.

“All Members of NFACCA have signed a Code of Ethics, stating that they will uphold and advance the honor and dignity of the Air Conditioning profession,” said Brent Marler, 2016 President of NFACCA. “If you’re looking to hire a contractor or a company, start by selecting a NFACCA member.”

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About NFACCA: The North Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Association, otherwise known as (NFACCA) was formed in 1968 as the Jacksonville Air Conditioning Contractors Association. In 1995 the Association changed its name from Jacksonville Air Conditioning Contractors Association to North Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Association, to more accurately reflect their membership. NFACCA’s mission is to represent qualified companies engaged in the inspection, maintenance and restoration of HVAC systems, establish industry standards for the association, and assist NFACCA members in providing high quality service to their customers. With nearly 55 members, NFACCA is made up of a diverse group of HVAC industry professionals, associates, affiliates and, yes, non-member contractors by representing their interests on legislation. The Association has been involved in most of the decisions that affect the way A/C jobs are permitted and inspected in North Florida.

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